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Driven by Data in Action: The Difference Between Teaching and Learning

Free Webinar Presentation
Wednesday, May 21 -- 6pm-7pm


In 2010 New York State competed for and won the second round of the Federal Race to the Top program. Attached to winning the federal funds were two key provisions: New York State had to quickly implement a new teacher evaluation model, called the Annual Professional Performance Review (APPR), and also build a new large scale, state-wide data system. Data quickly became king in New York and the State Department of Education championed the work of Paul Bambrick-Santoyo, the Managing Director of Uncommon Schools and the author of Driven by Data: A Practical Guide to Improve Instruction, in which he develops a framework for school leaders and teachers to drive instruction using data. The State Education Department distributed copies of Driven by Data at professional development sessions across the State encouraging district leaders to adopt Bambrick-Santoyo's model. 

This model helps educators –seasoned and new- use student data as an impetus for instructional evaluation and change. Moreover, the framework and templates allow educators to use assessments to do deep analysis of test results to make in-course corrections that can assist with improving student learning. 

In this webinar, district and school leaders will share their experiences implementing the Bambrick-Santoyo model at middle and high school levels in both low and high poverty schools. These presenters will focus on building strong data cultures in schools, creating teacher-friendly data templates and changing the focus of instruction away from what teachers are teaching towards what students are learning.

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