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Advanced Certificate in Educational Leadership

Awarded National Recognition by the Educational Leadership Constituent Council (ELLC), the Advanced Certificate is a five semester, 30-credit program designed for educators who are preparing for entry-level leadership positions in public schools. The program qualifies students for the New York State certification as School Building Leader (SBL) and School District Leader (SDL). The goal of the program is to prepare creative, flexible, visionary and reflective leaders with the skills necessary to facilitate and improve the quality of learning for all students. Towards this end, students complete the required sequence of courses as a learning community and engage in class and field-based experiential learning projects designed to develop important leadership skills. In addition to course work, administrative candidates complete three semesters of supervised internships in multiple settings, tailored to individual career objectives.

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A unique program, the Advanced Certificate:

  • Brings together students, faculty and exemplary Long Island partner districts to focus on critical issues in a cohesive five-semester cohort program;
  • It is one of the few regional dual certification programs that makes you eligible for both the SDL and SBL;
  • Offers a "learning community" format that provides mutual support and valuable networking opportunities;
  • Engages students in class and school-based experiential learning projects designed to develop important leadership skills;
  • Includes three semesters of supervised internships in multiple settings tailored to individual career objectives;
  • Is completely transferable to the Doctoral program in Educational and Policy Leadership.

Our graduates say:

  • The program offered me practical information that I was able to put to use immediately
  • It equipped me with skills and information; most importantly, it gave me a sense of competence and confidence
  • Faculty committed to me as a student and as a person; they allowed for individual differences without getting hung up on keeping everyone the same.
  • Students are not housed in an "ivory tower", lectured to by faculty with a "professorial mentality," rather, they build their ideas from the "ground floor" guided by professors with a "family mentality."
  • I got my money’s worth!
  • At the conclusion of Hofstra's certificate program, I was not only hired in an administrative position, but I was ready for the job.
  • It gave me a tool for networking - my current position evolved from my being in the program.
  • The learning community provided support during the program. It also provides you with a network of administrators once you are on the job.
  • The experience has been, personally and professionally, the most challenging experience of my life, and the most satisfying and rewarding.

Educational Leadership, Adv. Cert.

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