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STEM Programs

5 Year Dual B.A./M.A. in STEM

The bachelor of arts degree is designed as a co-major for future elementary school teachers majoring in elementary education who wish to have a broad background in the liberal arts with a focus on STEM areas. The courses for the major are primarily those from science, math and engineering disciplinary offerings. There are two STEM designated integrative courses that students will take at the end of the program, one integrates STEM from a science or natural world perspective and the other integrates STEM from an engineering or human-made world perspective.  In the third year students begin their education courses and in their fourth year begin to take graduate courses toward their MA in ELED/STEM.
This is a unique program firstly because at the end of four years the students in this program will fulfill the requirements for New York State initial certificate to teach early childhood and/or childhood education.  In all other five year BA/MA ELED programs on Long Island certification requirements are finished at the end of the fifth year.  Secondly, there are no graduate programs on Long Island that specialize in either elementary math, science or STEM,  so our difference is obvious.  The uniqueness of this program and the local, regional, and national call for STEM teachers makes this program a good choice for those seeking a Master’s Degree.

View 5 Year Dual B.A./M.A. in STEM admission requirements and a curriculum guide.


  • David Burghardt (undergraduate STEM advisor)
    Professor of Engineering
    201A Weed Hall
    Phone: (516) 463-5550
    Email | Bio | WWW

M.A. in Elementary Education: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

Interested in mathematics, science or technology in the elementary grades? The MA in Elementary Education: STEM program has a great deal to offer. We are seeking applicants, who are already initially certified to teach, to join us in improving children's learning in math, science and technology in grades PK-6. Our program is 13 years old with over 250 graduates who have gone on to be wonderful teachers and resources in math and science for their schools and school districts. The 32 credit curriculum includes coursework in teaching children's math, science, technology and engineering, curriculum studies, assessment, as well as three elective courses chosen under the advisement of faculty.

You will expand your content and pedagogical abilities with a culminating action research project focusing on the children's learning where you apply the knowledge and skills you have gained in the STEM program. In the program, the T means education and information technology as well as design technology. For instance, children design model buildings using ratio and proportion as well as geometric reasoning. There is an emphasis on multiple forms of assessment and strategies for successfully employing these in times of high stakes testing. One of the strengths of the program is that you will learn strategies for interconnecting math and science using technology and design. Our research has shown that these strategies improve all students' learning.

The culmination of the students' work is the Master Thesis. This is an original piece of research conducted in the teacher's own classroom (or a classroom where you are placed by the University). The thesis involves the creation and implementation of an integrated mathematics, science and technology unit and the design and completion of a research study of the unit's associated learning outcomes. Students present a summary of their research in a Poster Session at the end of the program.

View M.A. in Elementary Education: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics up to date admission requirements and a curriculum guide.


  • Amy Catalano (Program Director)
    Associate Professor
    026 Hagedorn Hall
    Phone: (516) 463-5946
    Email | Bio

Advanced Certificate in Elementary School STEM Specialist

This advanced certificate program prepares elementary school teachers for on-site positions as school and district STEM specialists who serve as resources to their peer teachers. They will be prepared in STEM content, pedagogical alternatives, reform-based curriculum, multiple assessment methodologies and leadership skills.

This program is intended for teachers who have a master’s degree, are currently certified in grades 1-6 (elementary/childhood education) and who are seeking continued professional development. Students who complete this program will:

  • Know mathematics and science curriculum and pedagogy.
  • Understand how engineering design improves content knowledge.
  • Be able to effectively integrate computer technology into multi-subject lessons.
  • Realized the importance of hand-on collaborative learning.
  • Recognize students as diverse learners with a variety of learning styles.

On average, students complete this program in one academic year. View Advanced Certificate in Elementary School STEM Specialist up to date admission requirements and a curriculum guide.