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Hofstra University’s School of Education offers programs focused on advancing teacher training in STEM curriculum. The need for teachers trained in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) curriculum is critical. It has been a focal point of many recent articles, presentations, and speeches by politicians and by leaders in the different science fields. Locally, all 10 Long Island school superintendents with whom STEM preparation for elementary school teachers was discussed were enthusiastic about such a program because they are searching for teachers with STEM knowledge.

You will study math and science content and develop the pedagogical skills needed to teach the Common Core State Standards effectively. You will cultivate the ability to incorporate educational technology and children’s engineering into all curriculum areas, which research has proven improves students’ learning. You will do an original piece of research that involves the creation and implementation of an integrated STEM unit with associated Student Learning Outcomes (SLO), which are part of the new state requirements for all teachers.

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Meet our Students and Alumni

Rachel Brillon
Rachel Brillon, M.A. in Elementary Education: STEM ‘14
Roslyn, NY
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Sara (Lorenz) Dionne
Sara (Lorenz) Dionne
B.A. in Elementary Education, '00
M.A. in Elementary Education: MST (now STEM), '05
Oakdale, NY

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for the Dual Degree Bachelor/Master’s program?
STEM majors who are accepted into the School of Education in their second year are eligible to take this five year program.
Who is eligible for this Master’s Degree in ELED – STEM?
Candidates who have a New York state initial certificate to teach early childhood and/or childhood education are eligible to apply.
Who is eligible for the Elementary School STEM Specialist Advanced Certificate?
Those with a completed master’s degree and NYS certifications in Childhood and/or Early Childhood certification are eligible to apply.
What is a STEM/Education major?
This bachelor of arts degree is designed as a co-major for future elementary school teachers majoring in elementary education who wish to have a broad background in the liberal arts with a focus on STEM areas. The courses for the major are primarily those from science, math and engineering disciplinary offerings. There are two STEM designated integrative courses that students will take at the end of the program, one integrates STEM from a science or natural world perspective and the other integrates STEM from an engineering or human-made world perspective.
How many credits does the BA-MA/STEM degree require?
The degree requires 136 undergraduate credits and 32 graduate credits.
What makes Hofstra’s STEM program unique?
The culminating courses of this program prepare the candidates to be researchers of their own teaching. These courses use action research to explore how using STEM teaching strategies improve students’ learning. Degree candidates are required to develop a wide range of assessment techniques such as, performance based assessment, teaching and student journals, interviews and observation scales, as well as, portfolio design and construction. Since teachers are now being held publicly accountable for student achievement results, understanding different methods of assessing students’ learning and teacher effectiveness is a necessary skill.

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