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TESOL & Bilingual Education Alumni Outcomes

Hofstra TESOL Program graduates are sought out by the tristate area administrators. It is not uncommon for students to get hired even before they graduate from the Program, with the current students being employed under the temporary NYS Internship Certification.
Hofstra TESOL Program provides a system of supporting the current students and alumni throughout all the stages of the job search. The following practices assure that Hofstra TESOL candidates have an exceptionally high employment rate.

  • The TESOL Program maintains the notification network whereby current students and alumni are promptly advised about the available job openings;
  • TESOL candidates get assistance with preparing application packets that showcase their educational and professional accomplishments;
  • TESOL job applicants are  couched  for their interviews;
  • TESOL job applicants get extensive faculty assistance with developing their demo lessons.