Accounting, Taxation and Legal Studies in Business


Why study Accounting?

Accounting is often referred to as the “language of business” because knowledge of accounting is essential in related fields, such as information technology, economics, finance, law, management and marketing.  Many accounting majors advance to senior management positions, become partners in accounting practices, or even become chief financial officers of Fortune 500 companies.  Others use their accounting knowledge to help them become successful in related fields such as finance, law and education.

Why study Legal Studies in Business?

The modern manager has to make business decisions and formulate business policies that increasingly have
legal implications. In fact, law is the most important external factor affecting business operations, as
more and more business decisions are influenced by government rules, regulations and policies. Consequently, effective decision-making requires an appreciation of the social, ethical, economic, and political bases of law as it relates to business.

A legal studies major or minor provides an opportunity for students to study current legal issues and trends that affect business and society. Legal studies courses provide students with fundamental insight into legal institutions, the regulatory environment, the nature of legal discourse, and legal rules that restrict and facilitate business operations. Students also gain an understanding of the nature, functions, and practical operations of the legal system, as well as develop critical reasoning skills. Topics covered include environmental, international and employment law, as well as more traditional areas, such as business organizations, contracts and property.