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Accounting, Taxation and Legal Studies in Business

Mission Statement

“Educating stakeholders for personal and professional achievement in accounting, law and business and contributing to our professions.”

We are dedicated to providing students with the knowledge, skills and analytical tools necessary to become successful and ethical professionals. We strive for excellence in teaching and in research. We are committed to serving our students, the Zarb School of Business, the University, our professions, and the community.

Educational Philosophy

We are dedicated to a student-focused education that meets applicable licensure requirements and provides students the foundational knowledge and decision-making skills to achieve their personal and professional goals. Our educational mission is driven by our commitment to academic excellence.

We believe that exposure to actual business and professional practice is important for our students and faculty.   We believe in taking advantage of our school’s location in Long Island and its proximity to the nation’s financial center in New York City and the opportunities it provides for professional interaction among faculty, practitioners and students. We also encourage faculty and student involvement with local, regional, national and international organizations.

Values and Principles

We realize our Mission and Educational Philosophy by offering a variety of programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels, and by adhering to the following Values and Principles:

  1. Maintaining a department dedicated to the advancement of learning and knowledge.
  2. Supporting high standards of ethical conduct among all members of the Department’s faculty, students, and staff.
  3. Valuing diversity and creating a supportive and collegial environment
  4. Maintaining a culture of academic excellence by supporting and rewarding faculty achievements in teaching, scholarship, and service.
  5. Cultivating close faculty interaction with students to develop their personal and professional skills.
  6. Attracting motivated students who will be respected for their personal and professional contributions and success and contributions to society.
  7. Bringing cutting-edge business practices and current academic insight to our students.
    1.  We believe the best education for students is one informed by their teachers’ scholarly and professional pursuits.
    2. Hofstra University is committed to academic freedom and to the creation and synthesis of knowledge as well as its dissemination. Our Department’s overall portfolio of contributions should include advancing knowledge of the theory, practice and teaching of our disciplines, as well as disseminating knowledge to professionals, educators, scholars and the public at large.
  8. Striving for continuous improvement through regular assessment of our mission, educational philosophy, and educational outcomes. 

Core Educational Goals

The Department is committed to a rigorous and relevant curriculum that seeks to achieve the following core educational goals:

[These items mirror the Zarb documents, except for #7]

  1. Strong functional knowledge in the student’s area of specialization.
  2. Proficiency in communication.
  3. Development of analytical and critical thinking skills for effective decision making.
  4. Understanding the issues of the contemporary global business environment.
  5. Knowledge of current information, communications, and other technologies.
  6. Awareness of the ethical and the social responsibility issues in business.
  7. Compliance with applicable licensure requirements.