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General Management Certificate Program

Whatever your bachelor’s degree, you can enhance your career by developing your competencies as a manager. The General Management Certificate Program (GMCP) is especially beneficial if you’re responsible for coordinating the work of others, or preparing for a promotion to a supervisory position. Upon completion of the program, you may also apply some of these courses toward the admittance prerequisites for an M.B.A. program.

How to Apply:
To apply to this program submit a completed Post-Baccalaureate Certificate Program Application with the application fee.

Credit Certificate Program Requirements
The General Management certificate program requires successful completion of a minimum of 18 credits in three (3) required courses and three (3) electives. Prerequisites may be waived depending on your academic background.

Required Courses:
MGT 101 - Introduction to Management
MGT 130 - Human Relations in Organizations
MGT 179 - Managerial Skill Development

Elective Courses:
MGT 110 - Introduction to Operations Management
MGT 114 - Management Systems
MGT 118 - Litigation and Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR)
MGT 121 - Human Resources Management
MGT 122 - Advanced Topics in Recruitment and Selection
MGT 123 - Managing Employee Benefits
MGT 142 - Production Management
MGT 145 - Purchasing Management
MGT 157 - A-Z Seminars: Special Topics in Management
MGT 160 - Managing Nonprofit Organizations
MGT 171 - International Strategic Management
MGT 172 - Collective Bargaining
MGT 175 - Management of Change and Innovation in Organizations

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