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Contact Information for Departments and Programs

No matter where you are in the college application process you could always use some extra support. At Hofstra, we understand what an exciting time this is for you and we are here to help make your final college decision easier. Below you will find contact information for our most popular departments and programs on campus. Please reach out to us with any questions or concerns you may have regarding specific areas of study. Our faculty is here to assist in making your college decision as simple as possible.

Hofstra College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

African Studies Cheryl.B.Mwaria@hofstra.edu
American Studies S.Stavros.Valenti@hofstra.edu
Anthropology Sharryn.Kasmir{at}hofstra.edu
Asian Studies Patricia.M.Welch{at}hofstra.edu
Biology Peter.C.Daniel@hofstra.edu
Chemistry and Forensic Science William.F.Nirode@hofstra.edu
Chinese Studies Zuyan.Zhou{at}hofstra.edu
Cognitive Science Anthony.B.Dardis{at}hofstra.edu
Comparative Literature and Languages Patricia.M.Welch{at}hofstra.edu
Disability Studies Karyn.M.Valerius{at}hofstra.edu
Drama and Dance Royston.P.Coppenger@hofstra.edu
Economics Roberto.Mazzoleni{at}hofstra.edu
English Craig.M.Rustici@hofstra.edu
European Studies Carolyn.M.Dudek{at}hofstra.edu
Fine Arts, Design, Art History Warren.R.Infield@hofstra.edu
Geology, Environment and Sustainability J.B.Bennington{at}hofstra.edu
Global Studies and Geography Zilkia.Janer{at}hofstra.edu
History Simon.Doubleday{at}hofstra.edu
Irish Studies Gregory.M.Maney{at}hofstra.edu
Italian Studies Pellegrino.A.D'Acierno{at}hofstra.edu
Labor Studies Gregory.E.DeFreitas@hofstra.edu
Latin American and Caribbean Studies Benita.Sampedro{at}hofstra.edu
LEAP (Legal Education Accelerated Program) Rosanna.Perotti{at}hofstra.edu
LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Studies) Steven.D.Smith@hofstra.edu
Mathematics Sylvia.Silberger{at}hofstra.edu
Middle Eastern and Central Asian Studies Aleksander.Naymark[at]hofstra.edu
Military Science Daniel.L.Cederman[at]hofstra.edu
Music Philip.S.Stoecker@hofstra.edu
Philosophy Kathleen.A.Wallace{at}hofstra.edu
Physics/Astronomy Gregory.C.Levine[at]hofstra.edu
Political Science Rosanna.Perotti{at}hofstra.edu
Psychology Craig.A.Johnson@hofstra.edu
Religion John.P.Teehan{at}hofstra.edu
Rhetoric Philip.Dalton{at}hofstra.edu
Romance Languages and Literatures Maria.J.Atastasio@hofstra.edu
Sociology Cynthia.J.Bogard{at}hofstra.edu
Women's Studies Karyn.M.Valerius{at}hofstra.edu
Writing Studies and Composition Frank.P.Gaughan{at}hofstra.edu

Frank G. Zarb School of Business

Accounting, Taxation and Legal Studies in Business Martha.S.Weisel@hofstra.edu
Finance K.G.Viswanathan{at}hofstra.edu
Information Systems and Business Analytics Hak.J.Kim@hofstra.edu
Management and Entrepreneurship Kaushik.Sengupta{at}hofstra.edu
Marketing and International Business Anil.Mathur@hofstra.edu

Hofstra Northwell School of Nursing and Physician Assistant Studies

Physician Assistant Studies Carina.Loscalzo@hofstra.edu

The Lawrence Herbert School of Communication

Journalism, Media Studies and Public Relations Cliff.Jernigan@hofstra.edu
Radio, Television, Film Phil.Katzman[at]hofstra.edu

School of Education

Specialized Programs in Education Elfreda.Blue[at]hofstra.edu
Teacher Education Programs Eustace.G.Thompson[at]hofstra.edu

School of Engineering and Applied Science

Computer Science Krishnan.Pillaipakkamnatt@hofstra.edu
Engineering Richard.J.Puerzer@hofstra.edu

School of Health Professions and Human Services

Health Professions Jayne.Ellinger[at]hofstra.edu
Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences Carole.Ferrand{at}hofstra.edu