International Admission

Financial Support

Sources of Financial Support for Form I-20

Financial support can come from any combination of the following sources in the U.S. or abroad:

Personal Savings

A current bank statement signed by a bank official. The statement must indicate the opening date and the current balance. If the bank statement is from China, funds must be frozen at the time the I-20 is issued.

University Funds

University funds such as a scholarship, assistantship, or fellowships.

Funds from "Sponsors"

(parents, relatives, friends, organizations)

This would include a signed affidavit (found below) and a bank statement or other documents verifying the amount available. If the bank statement is from China, funds must be frozen at the time the I-20 is issued. Sponsors may provide you with support in the form of cash and/or room and board. You may have as many sponsors as needed.

Bank Loan

A confirmed personal bank loan.

Government/Sponsoring Agency

A copy of a scholarship award letter.

Documentary Evidence Requirements

All documents you give must be:

  • Less than two months old
  • In English
  • Certified copies of all financial statements

**Documents do not have to be in US dollars ($). Hofstra will do the conversion for you.

Financial Aid

International students are considered for academic merit-based scholarships only. All students are automatically considered for academic merit scholarships, which are based primarily on your secondary school record and SAT or ACT exam score. Scholarship decisions are included with acceptance packets. At this time, only academic merit-based scholarships are available; however, these scholarships can be very generous. Other sources of funding may include independent loans or various international foundations.