Alum of the Month

April 2012

April 2012
Vincent Micucci

B.A. '01

Q & A:

  • What is your fondest memory of Hofstra?
    There is no question that my experience at WRHU made my time at Hofstra an enjoyable and fruitful one. The work associated with the radio station helped me make a smooth transition into professional TV and radio. I cherish the times that I covered and traveled with the Hofstra sports teams. I’ve maintained close friendships to this day, that originated in Dempster Hall. The entire staff of WRHU put the students’ needs first. That, along with the ability to work and make a difference beginning with my first step on Hofstra’s campus, is where no other school could compare.
  • What was your first job after graduating from Hofstra, and what was the most valuable thing you learned there?
    I was fortunate to land a job with Major League Baseball several months after graduation. My time at opened up a tremendous opportunity for me. Just 10 short years after earning my degree from Hofstra, I was able to say that I had interviewed many of the major names in the sport, as well as call play-by-play of Major League Baseball games on TV. My most enjoyable time on-air was spent hosting radio shows with former athletes, and entertaining the listeners and conducting interviews on a daily basis. The most valuable skill I obtained at was the ability to multi-task while on air. It can be such a challenge while the red light is on to think on your feet, listen to direction and appear calm. When I received a compliment regarding how well I handled it, I considered it quite an honor.
  • What is your field of specialty, and how did you come to work in the industry?
    Over the years, I have developed the vocal confidence needed to speak in public and entertain on air. It is a difficult skill to master, but you can train your brain through various techniques over time to speak with good pacing and inflection. I began in the industry because of my passion for sports. I love debating, analyzing and discussing the strategy of any sport. It doesn’t feel like work when you enjoy what you’re doing.
  • What advice would you give current Hofstra students?
    Despite the adage that many people use with regard to how time flies, students will be amazed at how much they can accomplish even 10 years after graduation. My advice is that once you graduate, be willing to take on any projects to get yourself involved in your field. Most importantly, be humble. Many places hire from within, and the hard-working, respectful employee can get ahead.
  • In one word, how would you describe Hofstra?
  • What made you decide to publish From Sports Fan to Sportscaster?
    Oddly, I started writing down many of my experiences because I was very proud and wanted to have what was essentially a diary that I could share with my kids and grandchildren. As time passed, I decided that I had a lot of information and fun stories to share. The pages kept building up and the thought hit me that I can actually publish this and share it with my fans, in addition to family and friends. Now, I’ve exceeded my own expectations and can’t wait to see what my future children have to say about my career in print.
  • Who in your field do you most admire?
    I tend to gravitate toward the old school announcers. I like the broadcasters who were all about the game – who were very detailed and remembered that we all tuned in because of the game. Today’s announcers, at times, can be very self-centered and predictable. Guys like Vin Scully and the late Ernie Harwell became icons because they were so good at painting a picture for the fans. Off the field, where it really counts, I admire my parents and wife, Kara.
  • Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Where do you see your career progressing to in the future?
    I still enjoy the thrill of hosting radio shows and debating sports, but the travel can be harsh. I would love the opportunity to start up another radio style/free format show. It would also allow me to be local. Currently, I’ve taken on another one of my passions as I begin to start a family. I’ve started my own company called The website allows me to teach students how to become sportscasters and better public speakers. What I am most proud of about the website is that students can train with me personally in my studio on Long Island or download training videos from anywhere in the world. Additionally, through Twitter, YouTube, my blog and more, I continuously write articles, produce videos and provide the commentary that I love to give and that I hope everyone loves to hear.
Vincent Micucci

Vincent Micucci (B.A. '01) enjoys a career as a professional sportscaster that took root at Hofstra University. As an avid sports fan, it was evident from an early age that Vinny needed to spend his day around sports in some way. While at Hofstra, he worked with both WRHU and HTV Interactive. His fondest memories are at WRHU where he was sports director for nearly three years and broadcasted 100 games which, back in 2001, was a record. After graduation, Vinny did a short internship with His very first day of work was in November 2001. After touring the studios, he was offered tickets to Game 5 of the World Series that night. It turned out to be a memorable win for the Yankees after a dramatic home run by Scott Brosius. Shortly after, he began his work with as an engineer. At the same time, Vinny worked during home games for the Long Island Ducks Baseball Club as the in-game on-field host, speaking in front of 7,000 fans every night. At, he eventually was promoted to the position of on-air talent. Over the course of a decade, he called play-by-play commentary of Major League Baseball games on TV and radio. He interviewed many baseball legends and celebrities, including Derek Jeter, Jay-Z and Robert Redford. He hosted daily radio shows (with former players as co-hosts), and was fortunate enough to travel to cover numerous World Series games, All-Star events, spring training and exhibition games in Japan.

In 2010, Vinny started his own company in order to teach aspiring students how to speak in public as well as to become sportscasters. His new website,, has many features where students can elect either to train at his East Meadow studios or download online classes to perfect their craft. In addition to the website, Vinny discusses his many opinions and debated topics online at In early 2011, he published his first book, From Sports Fan to Sportscaster. The book chronicles what it's like for an everyday sports fan to climb the ranks and be on the field and in the mix as a sportscaster. It's written with a relaxed tone, while giving first-hand accounts of covering sporting events. Vinny enjoys play-by-play and hosting radio shows, and continues to do so while teaching students on Long Island. He lives minutes away from Hofstra University with his wife, Kara.