Alum of the Month

November 2019

November 2019
Dianna M. Rose

(BS, Community Health, '14)

Q & A:

  • What was your favorite class, who was your favorite professor, or what is your fondest memory of Hofstra?
    My fondest memory at Hofstra during my Community Health journey would be the time I sat and spoke with Dr. Schwartz while going through a tumultuous time in my life. He was so encouraging and realistic during that conversation. I remember looking to the right of his desk where he had a quote on blue cardstock by Henry van Dyke that read, "Some succeed because they are destined to, but most succeed because they are determined to." That day, that conversation, his encouragement, and that quote have been with me ever since.
  • What was your first job after graduating from Hofstra, and what was the most valuable thing learned in that position?
    Four months after graduating, I obtained a position in the Emergency Department at NYU Winthrop Hospital via assistance from the Hofstra Career Center. During my 2 1/2 years at NYU Winthrop, I had the opportunity to work among some of the BEST practitioners, nurses, techs, and CSAs. One valuable lesson that had a great impact on both my personal and professional life was to surround yourself with a team you trust.
  • What is your field of specialty, and how did you come to work in the industry?
    My fields of specialty are community health and sustainability. Even before graduating from Hofstra, I was always deeply involved in my community. I took a deep dive in sustainability after creating Jars Of Delight – a zero-waste catering and meal prep company based in southeast Queens. It's a blessing to be able to combine my passion (sustainability) and my work (Jars Of Delight) in order to educate and enhance the health of my community.
  • What advice would you give Hofstra students?
    My advice to current and future Hofstra students would be to strive not only to endure their journey at Hofstra, but also to enjoy the journey because it goes so quickly.
  • In one word, how would you describe Hofstra?
  • What led you to make the decision to start your own company?
    To be honest, I never really made the decision to start Jars Of Delight. Rather, the opportunity was presented to me and I ran with it.
  • Where do you see Jars Of Delight and Her Sustainable Life in 10 years?
    The long-term goal would be to transition Jars Of Delight into a franchise, and provide 100 sustainable jobs across the United States. As for Her Sustainable Life, I'd hope to have made a significant impact on this platform through education and empowerment, mainly in lower socioeconomic communities where sustainability is looked upon as an upper-class movement and practice.
  • How has your degree from Hofstra University helped you in your career?
    Earning my degree from Hofstra provided me with the knowledge and education required to perform confidently at my best. Also, having a degree in community health has allowed me to sit among many great leaders and trailblazers, as it states that I am both equipped and competent to be a part of the environmental conversation. I guess I'd call it my "Hofstra Pride!"
Dianna M. Rose

Social entrepreneur and business owner Dianna Rose is the culinary creative mind behind Jars Of Delight – the eco-friendly catering and meal prep company founded in fall 2017. Dianna took a simple idea, meals in a classic mason jar, and turned it into a successful startup company. Within one year, and without acquiring any startup business debt or private investors, she added catering to the business plan, delighting over 1,500 customers within the metropolitan New York City area. As a community health graduate, Dianna's goal was to create a product that had a positive impact on her customers’ health as well as the health of her community/environment; this has been the core mission of Jars Of Delight.

Dianna holds a Bachelor of Science in Community Health from Hofstra University and is pursuing a Master of Arts in Sustainability and Master of Business Administration (a dual-degree program).

Her most recent project – Her Sustainable Life – is a resource and educational information platform tasked with building awareness on the topic of sustainability, and the role we all can play in creating a better future through low-impact living.

When she's not making jars or delivering delight to her weekly meal prep customers or studying, Dianna is enjoying time with her two sons, her family, and her church family.