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Hofstra's Donor Scholarship Program

Scholarship List

At Hofstra, we believe that the greatest gift a student can receive is a scholarship. The honor of being recognized for one's academic achievement and potential, coupled with the financial aid needed to make a quality education possible, is a lifelong gift.

Scholarships provide tremendous opportunities and financial assistance to talented Hofstra students. Your gift of a scholarship will help to make a personal difference in the life of deserving students and ensure that those who wish to attend Hofstra are not left behind because of economic constraints.

When you give a scholarship you:

  • You receive gratification for helping students pursue their academic goals.
  • You are notified annually about your scholarship recipients.
  • You receive an invitation to the Scholarship Luncheon and a chance to meet the students you support.
  • You are recognized in the President’s Annual Report and online Honor Roll.

Named Endowed Scholarships:

  • Endowed scholarships are established in perpetuity and may be named in honor or memory of someone special.
  • A minimum gift of $25,000 is required to establish a scholarship and may be paid one-time or over 2-5 years.
  • Funds can be added to the endowment at any time; such contributions are eligible for tax deductions to the extent provided by law.
  • The University recommends unrestricted scholarship criteria based on academic achievement or potential and/or financial need. Scholarship criteria may designate a preference for a specific college or major.
  • Regular notifications about the scholarship recipients are provided to donors.

Named Annual Scholarships:

  • Annual scholarships are established and awarded on a yearly basis and may be renewed.
  • A minimum gift of $5,000 paid one-time is required to establish an annual scholarship.
  • Annual scholarships can also be established with a signed commitment for $10,000 paid one-time or over four years. Your commitment provides the scholarship recipient with significant support during his/her four years of college.

Please note that gifts of any amount toward scholarships are critically important to aid the University in providing deserving young men and women access to a high-quality education.  Gifts under $5,000 will be designated for the General Scholarship Fund at Hofstra University and you will continue to be recognized as a generous donor.

If you would like further information about establishing a scholarship at Hofstra University, please contact:

Office for Development - (516)463-5027