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We are proud of our I/O psychology faculty and students for their contributions to this accomplishment. In 2022-2023, members of our graduate programs published 20 peer-reviewed journal publications, 4 book chapters, and gave 31 peer-reviewed conference presentations. A special thanks to our 33 unique graduate student authors and coauthors who helped make this possible. Congratulations, everyone!

GRE is recommended but not required for the Fall 2024.
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Welcome to the homepage for the PhD program in Applied Organizational Psychology.

This 96 s.h. program prepares students for careers in academics, business, industry, government, and other private and public domains. Upon graduating, students are able to apply scientific methods to the solution of problems related to individuals and groups at work. The academic training students receive is composed of an advanced methodological and content-based curriculum in I/O psychology. A unique feature of this program is the required internship in which doctoral students work under the supervision of a manager designated by the organization and approved by the faculty. A doctoral dissertation under the supervision of a faculty member in a laboratory or field setting is required.

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