All candidates in teacher education programs are required to have at least 3 semester hours (12 semester hours for Teaching English as a Second Language/TESOL program) in a language other than English (including American Sign Language).

Acceptable courses are those typically offered by the department specific to the language and which are considered core requirements toward a degree in that language, for example, Elementary Spanish, Advanced French, Intermediate German, etc. Culture, civilization, and film courses (taught in a foreign language) are acceptable when offered by the language department as part of a concentration in that language. The lowest acceptable grade is a C.

Foreign Language Placement

Students who graduated with a Regents diploma may demonstrate their proficiency in a language other than English by taking a language placement test.

Placement into level 2 (level 5 for TESOL program) will satisfy student’s requirement in a language other than English for New York State certification. Courses that have been waived or for advanced placement (such as high school courses) without credit toward a degree are not accepted.

Students looking to take the placement exams in French, Italian, and Spanish should contact Lynne Murray at in the Department of Romance Languages and Literatures.

Students looking to take the placement exams in all other languages should contact Mary Milana at Mary.K.Milana@hofstra.eduin the Department of Comparative Literature, Languages, and Linguistics.

For additional information and questions, students should contact Jennifer Boscarino-Green at with their name and Hofstra ID number.

Native Speakers

Native speakers may satisfy Language other than English requirement by taking proficiency examinations in their native language either at New York University School of Professional Studies: or (212) 998-7030, or at American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL): Individuals who are skilled and proficient in the language must complete both the oral and written proficiency portions of the ACTFL examination.

College-Level Equivalency Program (CLEP)

No credit is awarded for standardized test program exams taken in foreign language. 

Courses taken outside Hofstra University to fulfill Language other than English requirement for New York State certification must be preapproved by the Office of Educational Support Services. Students should contact Liudmila Patokina at to get approval.