After you have been evaluated, you may find that you are deficient in required liberal arts and sciences or secondary content coursework. These additional courses may be taken as pre-requisites or co-requisites to your graduate studies. The deficiencies can be fulfilled by:

*Please note that credit earned through examination is acceptable only if it does not duplicate college credit completed.

Courses in the methods of teaching a subject are not acceptable as study in the content area.

Current students are strongly recommended to obtain pre-approval from this office before registering for a course to fulfill their pre-requisite deficiencies. Please e-mail Course Approval/Evaluation Request Form (Download PDF Form) and a catalog description of the course/test in mind to soelzp{at} or drop them off at 233 Hagedorn Hall.

Courses taken to fulfill liberal arts and sciences and secondary content (if applicable) deficiencies must be completed with a "C" as the lowest acceptable grade (if taken on the undergraduate level) for your degree to be conferred. A minimum overall grade point average of 2.75 must be obtained in both areas. Official transcripts in sealed envelopes (or e-transcripts) must be sent to 233 Hagedorn Hall to verify completion of these requirements.

In order to be taken into consideration, educational credentials from other countries need to be converted to equivalent American semester hours (and grades) course-by-course. The following organizations have met the requirements to be qualified as evaluation sources: School of Education finds evaluations completed by WES ( and ECE ( most accurate.

Requesting a re-evaluation of your educational credentials, please submit a catalog description or syllabus of the course in question (or letter from the course instructor on college letterhead), category for which you would like it to be evaluated, copy of your transcript and Course Approval/Evaluation Request Form (Download PDF Form) to 233 Hagedorn Hall.