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Hofstra University Museum
  • Converging Voices: Gender and Identity
  • Andy Warhol

Collections Related Programs

The Hofstra University Museum offers programs that highlight and explore its permanent collections of more than 5,000 objects that originate from 6 continents and span across time from the Pre-Columbian era to the contemporary. Below are listed some of the gateways for adults, Hofstra students and faculty, families, children and friends to explore the Hofstra University Museum collections.

Global Explorations Logo

Bethpage Federal Credit Union Global Explorations (for Adults)

Travel the world through engaging experiences with authentic objects and works of art from 6 continents. Expert museum staff and Hofstra University faculty will lead each hour-long session where participants explore a different culture or cultures each month and make personal connections between their own life experiences and the objects presented.

Sculpture Activity Backpacks and Caper

Adults and children can explore the outdoor sculpture collection on Hofstra’s beautiful campus with activity-filled themed HUM Sculpture Exploration Backpacks or by unraveling clues to solve a mystery. | more |

Art Travelers through Time: Literacy and History through the Arts

This program fosters links between classroom curriculum and the study of authentic cultural objects selected from the Museum’s collection. The program introduces children to the unlimited possibilities for museums to expand and enrich their world. | more |

Diversity Awareness: Focus on the Hofstra University Museum Permanent Collections

Using the rich resources of the Hofstra University Museum’s collection and thanks to the generosity of the Hofstra University Office of the President and other funders, the Cultural Diversity Awareness Program features a series of posters that highlight works from around the world dating from ancient to modern times. | more |

Twin Condor Whistling Water Jar

  • Converging Voices: Gender and Identity
  • Andy Warhol