Do I need to register my car to park on campus?

Yes, but registration is free. For more information, click here.

How does Social Distancing protocol affect off-campus students?
Refer to the Guide to Pride for specifics. Gatherings of 10+ students are currently banned in off-campus housing, but any updates on policy will be sent out in the newsletter.
Where can I find the shuttle bus schedule? Is it free?
The Shuttle Service is free and is to and from the local train stations. View the shuttle service
Where can I go to study and relax between my classes?

There are numerous lounge areas around campus. For more information, click here.

Is there a place where I can store my books between classes?

Yes, check out how to reserve a locker here.

What happens if I have car trouble on campus, such as a dead battery?

The Department of Public Safety offers help to motorists on campus. Call 516-463-6606 for assistance.

Am I able to purchase a dining plan as a commuting student?

Yes, click here to learn about the many dining venues on campus and the various dining plans offered.

I take the train, how can I get from the train station to the Hofstra campus?

Take the Hofstra shuttle. Click here for the schedule and more information.

What happens if classes are canceled due to weather?

Hofstra notifies all students of school cancellations via the CANN system.

Where are the best locations to park?

Arrive early and park on the North Campus, then walk across any one of the pedestrian bridges to the South Campus for classes. For a complete map of parking locations, click here.

What happens if I need to borrow a car to come to campus?

Go to Public Safety and get a visitor's parking pass for the day. This will prevent you from getting a ticket for parking in areas reserved for registered vehicles only.

I am thinking about living on campus, where can I learn about my options?

Visit the Office of Residence Life located in Room 244 of the Student Center. You can learn about the different on-campus housing options here.

How do I get involved with clubs and organizations on campus?

There are over 200 undergraduate clubs and organizations to join, including the Organization of Commuter Students. For more information, visit the Office of Student Leadership and Engagement or check out Get Involved HU.

Where can I go if I need help with my classes?

See your Advisement Dean. The Center for University Advising is your bridge to success and your Advising Dean is there to help guide you along the way. Click here for more information.