Hofstra Computer Science in

Silicon Valley

The Fred DeMatteis School of Engineering and Applied Science's Hofstra in Silicon Valley Program is a weeklong trip designed to give Computer Science students an inside look into top- tier West Coast technology companies and to learn from and network with industry professionals.

The program, which takes place during the University’s winter break in January, includes tours of global tech giants in industries ranging from cybersecurity and consumer electronics to social networking and digital entertainment. Throughout the week, students meet face-to-face with management teams and engineers and get behind-the-scene tours of the state-of-the-art facilities at each company.

The Fred DeMatteis School of Engineering and Applied Science Hofstra in Silicon Valley Program

For additional information on how to apply, contact Dr. Edward H. Currie, Chair, Department of Computer Science, at Edward.Currie@hofstra.edu.

Tyrone Harmon

Tyrone Harmon ’20
Computer Science and Japanese
“The West Coast's computer science industry is exploding, and getting a job sometimes comes down to having the correct network.”

Anthony Minerva

Anthony Minerva ’19
Computer Science and LGBTQ+ Studies
“It was amazing getting to talk to industry professionals and see what lessons from classes and my degree program will carry over to the ‘real world’.”

Ashanti Davis

Ashanti Davis ’19
Computer Science and English
“One thing that was obvious at every single company we visited was that they are all vitally interested in growth and expansion, and computer science jobs are very real and numerous in Silicon Valley.”