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Hofstra Network of Elementary Teachers (HNET)

"We go farther faster when we go together."
– Martin Luther King, Jr.

We are pleased to provide this online registration page for HNET, which will also serve as a central location for upcoming events and information.

What is HNET?

HNET is a group of Hofstra University preservice teachers and alumni of Hofstra's undergraduate and graduate elementary education programs, as well as their colleagues.

What is the purpose of HNET?

Teaching is, to borrow from the Peace Corps motto, "the toughest job you'll ever love." In addition, teaching is all too often a lonely profession, where we go into our rooms and shut the door, away from the companionship of and professional sharing with our fellow teachers. HNET exists to provide a professional community for elementary teachers and teachers-to-be who are associated with Hofstra. (Please note: "associated with Hofstra" may be defined quite loosely. If you are a colleague of a Hofstra alum, have had a Hofstra participant-observer or student-teacher, or supervised a Hofstra student, you may certainly be a part of HNET.) HNET allows us to support each other professionally, in person, and on the web, so that we can learn from each other and grow together as teachers.

What kinds of activities does HNET include?

  • Annual conference with workshops by members of HNET
  • Discussion get-togethers to talk about common issues of new and veteran teachers
  • Resource recommendations on the web site
  • Links to suggested materials on the web site
  • Special programs to address gaps in content or pedagogical knowledge identified by HNET members
  • Newsletter
  • Book discussion groups
  • Social events

As you can see, the possibilities are exciting for all of us!

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