Financial Aid

Calculating Cost of Attendance

Certain Cost of Attendance (COA) components are estimates. Some students may experience costs that are higher or lower than those published. 

The COA is reviewed each year by the Office of Financial Aid and is composed of actual and approximate costs that students can expect to have during their academic year. These costs vary based on the year in school and the number of registered credits. 

Please contact the Office of Student Financial Services with any questions about the cost of attendance. 

The tuition rate is subject to change from year to year. This is the amount charged for registered courses. Some programs have a flat rate or program charge while others charge per credit.  Check for current rates.

Student fees include a mandatory University fee, Technology fee, and Student Activity fee.  These are subject to change from year to year.

Costs associated with your individual housing status.

On-campus: Room rates and associated fees are determined by Hofstra University for students living in the residence halls.

Off-campus: Costs are determined by an average of rent and utilities for a one-bedroom apartment, determined through departmental research.

With Parent(s)/Relatives: The amount is determined using market research conducted by nonprofit organizations regarding the cost of housing in the local metro area.

The amount is determined to be the equivalent of three meals each day.  First year Undergraduate resident students have a minimum required dining dollars plan.  

Includes the estimated cost required books and other educational supplies and materials required for each academic year.

Estimated costs for personal hygiene, entertainment, etc. for the academic year. Additional expenses such as clothing can be added to the cost of attendance.  For more information please visit

Estimated costs of traveling to and from campus.  The Internal Revenue Service's annual standard mileage rate is used to calculate the mileage component.

Fees determined by the Department of Education for the origination and disbursement of Federal Direct loans. An average amount is included for each academic year based upon the maximum annual limit for these student loans. The estimated PLUS loan fees were determined using the current origination fee percentage and the average loan amounts borrowed in previous years.