Office of First-Generation Support and Engagement

About Us

Mission Statement

The Office of First-Generation Support and Engagement seeks to support students with the social and academic adjustment to college via programming, social connections, and encouraging faculty engagement. The office works to create a culture where first-generation students are celebrated for the critical thinking and problem-solving skills they bring to our community.

As part of the Division of Student Enrollment, Engagement, and Success, The Office of First-Generation Support and Engagement provides opportunities for first-generation students to engage in programming and other support opportunities. Social programing exists with the goal of connecting students to the University, helping them to cultivate a sense of belonging, and in creating a vibrant community grounded in pride in the first-generation student identity.

Educational programming offered by our staff and colleagues is developed to assist students with skills critical to student success, such as study skills, prioritization, time management, financial literacy, and leadership development.

Above all, our office exists as a landing space and a home for first-generation students. In short, if you don’t know who to ask your question, or where to start to solve your issue, ask us. We many not know the answer, but we can connect you with someone who can help.

All students are encouraged to visit the office – located in the Student Center, Room 263B (in the suite beside the hair salon) to ask any questions, say hello, or just hang out in the common area just outside the office. All students have swipe access to this suite.

About the Director

Russ Smith

Russ Smith, Ed.D.
Director of First-Generation Support and Engagement
Student Center 263B
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