Graduate Nursing Programs

Textbooks, Supplies, & Equipment

The following expenses are an estimate of what is required for the Graduate Nursing Program.

  • Textbooks: $900
  • Medical Equipment: $250

Additional textbooks and publications are available online at no cost to students at

All students are required to have a laptop in good working condition. Laptop requirements for all graduate nursing students can be found here:

Laptop Requirements

The Hofstra Northwell School of Nursing is a Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) school; therefore, all students must bring their own laptop computer to the program. Student laptops are required for examinations and must be in good working order. A student who reports to an examination without a laptop may not be able to take the examination. Students who repeatedly (two or more times) report to an examination without a functioning laptop will be referred to the Student Advancement Committee (SAC).

Students may choose their own laptops, as long as the laptops meet the following minimum requirements:

Feature Minimum Requirements Preferred
Windows laptop (no older than two years old)

MacBook/MacBook Pro/MacBook Air (mid 2015 or newer)
Operating System
Windows 10 Professional, Enterprise or Education 64-bit
Screen Size
13" or larger
Processor Intel i5 2.0 GHz Intel i7 2.0 GHz
Memory 8 GB RAM (upgradable to 16 GB) 16 GB RAM
Hard Drive 250 GB 500 GB or higher
Internet Explorer 9.0 or higher; Chrome 61 or higher; Firefox 54 or higher

Mac compatible Chrome 6 or higher
Screen Sharing VGA ready or VGA adapter or HDMI
Wireless Capability 802.11ac Wi-Fi/wireless (802.11a/b/g/n compatible)
Warranty Three-year parts and labor or Apple Care
External Storage Cloud or personal external hard drive
Audio   Integrated microphone/speakers
Video   Integrated webcam