Health Education

Track II Sample Plan of Study

Track II is for candidates who do not have a teaching certificate. Students will obtain initial certification in health education after completing the course work in the track in which they are enrolled. This graduate program prepares students to teach health education at all grade levels in public and private schools and leads to New York state teacher certification.

Stereotypical Course of Study:

Students with no previous teacher certification or licensure will be required to take the following courses unless able to document previous course work in education. The courses will include: foundations of education, literacy studies, inclusion, and child and adolescent development. Students who hold a valid New York state teaching certificate in another discipline will have met these requirements. However, a determination will be made at the initial interview regarding any education courses needed. These courses are not part of the Master of Science in Health Education degree and can be taken at either the graduate or undergraduate level.    


One course in human development which focuses on the entire birth-grade 12 range.

One course in secondary education or foundations of education. Recommended courses include:

One course in literacy studies. Recommended courses include (all 3 s.h. courses include a 10-hour field experience/observation):

One course in inclusion/special education. Recommended courses include (both require a 20-hour field experience):

Student Teaching

In addition to the above coursework, students will completing the program requirements, which include:

Basic Core - Semester Hours: 6

Content Core - Semester Hours: 19

Pedagogical Core - Semester Hours: 8

Program Electives - Semester Hours: 3

Select courses (with advisement) from:

Exit Requirement - Semester Hours: 3

Following completion of 27 s.h.: