The Stuart and Nancy Rabinowitz Honors College community is designed to enrich every aspect of your life at Hofstra, while also serving as a launching pad for life after Hofstra.


Honors College Mentors

Faculty at Hofstra are available and accessible across the campus. But it's sometimes nice to know that there are a few faculty who are especially charged with the job of reaching out and helping you to take advantage of all college and life the New York City area has to offer.

Honors College Events

Campus life at Hofstra is vibrant, dynamic, and constantly offering new opportunities to connect with fellow students. Honors College supplements Hofstra's offerings with honors trips to theaters, museums, and lectures in New York City. In addition, Honors College groups have taken advantage of our Long Island location to go ocean kayaking, horseback riding, and ice skating. In short, as a member of Honors College, you'll have many opportunities to explore your interests in the region's resources with fellow students and faculty.

Honors College Housing

Those who elect to live on campus know that the strength of a residential community shapes the quality of one's college experience. For that reason, Honors College has invested heavily in creating an extraordinary residential community at our living-learning community in Vander Poel Hall.

Honors College Leadership Opportunities

For a community like Honors College to succeed it must draw directly upon the strengths of its members. To that end, Honors College offers several leadership opportunities that enable you to directly shape the Honors College experience and its future.

Honors College Dean's Office

Honors College students have a lot of interests and ambitions and therefore many questions. It's good to know there is an office you can go to when you are not even sure what your questions are. We're here to help. The Honors College Dean's Office is set up to help you figure out how to frame your question and how to get it answered quickly.

Honors College Service Opportunities

Honors College students are among the hardest working and most generous students at Hofstra. They achieve much, but they also know how to give back.