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Remote Data Removal

Using Office 365 Web App to remotely wipe a lost or stolen mobile device

For faculty, staff and administrators

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CAUTION: A remote wipe resets your device to its factory settings. ALL DATA WILL BE LOST.

Office 365 main screen with options menu highlighted

Devices configured with Hofstra's Office 365 e-mail for employees can be wiped remotely.

To start the remote wipe, log on to Office 365 Web App.

Next, click options in the upper right-hand corner of the page, then select see all options from the pull-down menu.

Left-hand navigation menu for Office 365 manage my mailbox page

Your mailbox management options will appear.

In the left-hand navigation list, click phone.

Mobile phones management pane with device selected and wipe device button highlighted

The mobile phones management pane will appear. You'll see a list of mobile devices currently connected to your account.

CAUTION: Wiping your device will erase all of its data and settings.

When you're ready to proceed, select the device you want to wipe, then click wipe device.

Warning asking for confirmation before wiping device.

A warning dialog box will appear.

When you're ready to proceed, click yes to wipe the device you selected in step 3.

Confirmation of remote wipe.

When the remote wipe is complete, you'll receive an e-mail confirmation in your mailbox.

No further action is required.

Do not delete your mobile device from the mobile phones list (shown in step 2).

Leaving it in the list ensures that the device will continue to wipe even if it is powered off and back on.