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Faculty Research and Development Grants (FRDG)
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The deadline for receipt of FRDG applications is 11:59 p.m., Friday, February 10, 2023.

Faculty Member's Name:Your Name
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Campus Phone Ext: 3-EXT
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Title or Purpose of Proposal: Enter Title of Your proposal


Examples of costs that may be defrayed by an HCLAS Faculty Research and Development Grant include, but are not limited to, laboratory supplies, instrumentation, research-related travel expenses, conference expenditures not covered by College travel funds, data-base search time and print-outs, library access and use fees, and photocopying of research materials. FRDG resources should preferably be used by and for Hofstra faculty and student researchers. Justified expenses for special technical services, test subjects, and competent student research assistants will, however, be funded where possible.

BUDGET: These are numerical values; all explanation of these values should be indicated in your current proposal that is attached.

No dollar signs and no commas in the numerical boxes. Either a value or a zero must be entered in each numerical box.

Expenditures for equipment, supplies, services, etc. will not be supported unless an immediate use is specified. For equipment intended for limited or one-time-only use, we strongly recommend exploring the possibility of rental. All equipment completely funded by the HCLAS Faculty Research and Development Grants belongs to the University and will revert to general University use upon completion of the funded project or after three years, whichever comes first. PLEASE NOTE: All requests for purchase of computers need to be completed through Information Technology at Hofstra.

1) Equipment/Supplies: Enter here total amount for equip/supplies
2) Food/Lodging: Enter here total amount for food/lodging
3) Library Fees: Enter here total amount for library fees
4) Student Assistants: Enter here total amount for student assist.
5) Research Travel Expenses: Enter here total amount for research travel exps.

Eligible conference dates: from May 20, 2023 to May 18, 2024.

Conference travel will be considered for funding, provided the faculty member has documented that they will be taking an active role in the conference (e.g., presenting research, moderating a session, participating in a workshop, acting as an officer of the organization), and provided that the applicant also demonstrates that monies for conferences from the regular College fund have been exhausted. The current proposal should specify the conference title, location, and dates. FRDG and PRAP funds are not intended to take the place of HCLAS conference travel funds; therefore faculty must indicate how the expenses for such travel exceed the current travel budget).

If you are requesting conference funding, please follow these directions very carefully. If you do not provide all the information requested, you will not receive funding for your conference travel.

6) Conference Travel Expenses: List each conference as follows: name of conference, dates of attendance, and dollar amount
6a) Conference Travel Expenses Total: Insert here: Total dollar amount of above conference travel expenses list
7) Other Budget Items - Non-Travel Expenses: List each non-travel expenses and dollar amount
7a) Other Budget Expenses Total: Insert here: Total dollar amount of above non-travel expenses list
Total Amount Requested for this year's project: Will automatically Add: 1+2+3+4+5+6a+7a

(Note, FRDG proposals were not collected in 2021-2022)


Title of 2022-2023 Proposal: If you did not submit a proposal for the 2022-2023 funding cycle enter N/A

Is your current proposal a continuation from your 2022-2023 project? Respond -- Yes or No

Publications/Presentations/Grants, etc. generated from previous award: Specify "in progress", "accepted", "in print", etc. 3 - 4 entries, maximum.

Summary of Results from 2022-2023 Project:
PLEASE WRITE A SHORT SUMMARY (250 words or less)

Please attach a copy of your Current Proposal Information. Describe the nature and significance of the project in relatively non-technical terms. Be sure to provide a clear justification for each budget item. Items that are not clearly justified will most likely fail to receive funding. Given that funds are limited, it would be helpful to the reviewers if you would indicate how you would be able to use a considerably smaller grant than requested.

This portion of the proposal is limited to 2 pages maximum and may include an additional 2-page appendix for bibliography, photos, figures, etc.

Expenditure Report

Note that all grant recipients must submit a report detailing how the award monies were spent, with what result, etc. These reports must be received via email to Chris Jenkinson not later than one year after the expenditure of funds.