Master of Public Health


Every semester, one member of the MPH faculty holds a lunchtime webinar focused on some aspect of their current research. The webinars are free, widely promoted and open to anyone. Following the real-time webinar, we archive the presentations here with audio, including the Q&A, for ongoing use. Please enjoy the wide array of public health topics addressed, the informative presentations and the rich discussions that follow.  

Upcoming Events

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Support, Burden, & Long-Term Care Planning Among Caregivers of Individuals with Disabilities
A Randomized Mobile-Health Trial to Promote Vegetable Intake in Undergraduate Students
Enhancing College Health in the Time of COVID: A Student Health Ambassador Model
Evaluation of Pulmonary Embolism in Pregnancy
Public Health Webinar: Household Use of Groundwater and Dental Fluorosis in Children
Public Health Webinar: Migrant Health Challenges
Advanced Certificate in Foundations of Public Health Information Session
Supporting Adolescent Mental Health in Schools: State- and School-Level Factors That Make the Grade
Working Nights: An Occupational Health Hazard
Insurance Isn’t Everything: The Surprising Things That Really Influence Your Health
Young Onset Colorectal Cancer: What are the Risk Factors? – November 10, 2016
HIV Testing in the Oral Health Setting: A Global Perspective – June 8, 2016
Romantic Relationships and Body Weight: Satisfaction, Weight Changes, and Stigmatization - November 19, 2015
Legal and Social Parameters of Medical Decision Making About End-Of-Life Issues - February 25, 2015
Oncogenic Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Genotypes Among Women in South Africa - October 28, 2014
Oral Health Promotion Agenda - January 15, 2014
Clinical Mentorships: A Public Health Approach to Improving Pediatric HIV Care in Africa - August 9, 2013
After the Towers Fell: The Long-term Public Health Impact & Lessons of 9/11 - February 7, 2013
The Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy: Public Health Considerations - January 24, 2013
Social and Mobile Media Advances for Patients, Providers and Public Health – July 26, 2012
Public Health Issues: Telehealth and Chronic Care - July 11, 2012
Information Session - March 28, 2012