• BS in Music
    • Performance Concentration
      This concentration provides a solid foundation for a career in the art of music. The program of study focuses on a core of substantial training and experience in the chosen performance medium.
    • Music Business Concentration
      This concentration prepares student musicians for careers in publishing, recording, sales, management, manufacturing, distribution, marketing, and the many other fields that make up the music business.
    • Theory/Composition Concentration
      This concentration prepares student musicians for advanced study leading to careers in music theory, composition, or other allied areas of music.
    • Jazz & Commercial Music Concentration
      This concentration provides a musical environment that helps prepare students for a performing career in today’s diverse world of professional music. It builds knowledge of composition, arranging, improvisation, technology, history, and business.
    • Music History and Literature Concentration
      Courses in historical musical topics, with emphasis on bibliography and research techniques, provide a foundation for graduate study leading to careers in musicology, musical criticism, and music librarianship.
  • BSEd in Music Education
    This degree prepares students for exciting careers as music educators in public, private, or parochial schools in pre-K through grade 12.
  • BA in Music
    This degree offers a broad-based program, with fewer major hours and more liberal arts elective hours.