Political Science

About Us

The Department of Political Science in the Hofstra College of Liberal Arts and Sciences offers a BA specialization in Political Science, along with minors in Political Science, Public Affairs, Presidential Studies, International Affairs, and European Studies.

Mission Statement

The Political Science Department's specific mission – within the broader liberal arts mission of the Hofstra College of Liberal Arts and Sciences – is to help students become more conscious of the many and complex ways in which political forces – both domestic and global – shape their lives, for better or worse.

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2016 Presidential Debate

Learning Goals and Objectives

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Department Administration

Carolyn M. Dudek, PhD
Room 205 Barnard Hall
Phone: 516-463-5621
Fax: 516-463-6519

Senior Executive Secretary
Sharron Papaccio
Room 205 Barnard Hall
Phone: 516-463-5616
Fax: 516-463-6519


Hofstra’s vibrant political science faculty is dedicated to teaching, mentoring, and research. Faculty members have won teaching and mentoring awards and competitive research fellowships. They are published in academic journals, and comment or publish in highly respected outlets of public discourse.

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