Practica are associated with individual courses within the program. They precede and are preparatory for third and fourth year internships. In addition to practica external to Hofstra, students also receive practicum experience in conducting diagnostic assessments at our clinic in the Saltzman Community Services Center. Practicum experiences are intended to augment course content and to give the student "hands-on" experience in assessment and in intervention planning and implementation. The practica usually involve one day per week in public schools in the first year of the program and two days per week in the schools in the second year.

Supervision of practicum assessment takes place at the practicum setting and at Hofstra University. While the practicum supervisor's direction is to be followed when the experience is at a placement outside of Hofstra, the University faculty are to be informed of all activities at the outside setting. This informing process is done both in writing and verbally to the University faculty. When the practicum experience is at the Saltzman Community Service Center, there will be a University faculty member assigned to you. Students are evaluated on practica as they are on internships, through written evaluations by the practicum site supervisor.

Some of our recent practicum placements have included:

  • Hempstead Public Schools, Nicole Adams, PsyD Supervisor
  • Plainedge School District, Nadyne Schneider, PsyD Supervisor
  • Hofstra University PHED Office (Program of Higher Education of the Disabled Student), Dean Ferro, PhD Supervisor
  • East Meadow Public Schools, AnnMarie Lynch, PsyD Supervisor
  • Saint Mary's School (East Islip, NY), Sister Elizabeth Pearson, PhD Supervisor
  • Wantagh School District, Melissa Bennett, PsyD Supervisor
  • Westchester School for Special Children, Vasilios Lagos, PsyD Supervisor.