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Use of Humans as Research Subjects

In Brief

Activities that involve humans as subjects of study are subject to review and approval by a University committee known as the Institutional Review Board or IRB.

Proposed research that poses minimal risk to subjects may qualify for expedited review. Under an expedited review, research can commence upon receipt of written authorization from the IRB administrator based upon the review of a single IRB representative without the review of the full IRB committee.

Proposed research that poses greater than minimal risk to subjects requires full review before the IRB committee.

Projects that do not involve interaction with human participants may be exempt from IRB review.

Get guidance in identifying whether your project qualifies for expedited review or is exempt from IRB review.

IRB submissions require an Informed Consent form. The Informed Consent form serves to advise prospective participants about the proposed study and any known benefits or risks associated with participation. Get guidance in preparing an "Informed Consent Form".

Special Note to Hofstra Student Researchers: Students who wish to conduct research involving humans must submit their proposal to the IRB through a faculty advisor.

About the IRB

Hofstra University's official policy governing the use of humans as research subjects is published as Faculty Policy Series # 36.

All research involving humans as subjects conducted under the aegis of Hofstra University will be guided by the principles of the Belmont Report. All externally sponsored research involving humans as subjects, both Federal and non-Federal, shall be conducted in full compliance with Federal Policy, published as Code of Federal Regulations Title 45, Part 46 (effective November 16, 2015), a document often referred to as the "Common Rule."

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Hofstra University IRB Membership

IRB Committee Chairperson
Dr. Daphna Motro
Assistant Professor
Department of Management & Entrepreneurship

Dr. Amy J. Catalano
Department of Teaching, Learning and Technology

Dr. Barbara DeVoe
Associate Dean for Interprofessional Education
Assistant Professor of Nursing
Hofstra/Northwell School of Graduate Nursing and Physician Assistant Studies

Dr. Janet Dolgin
Professor of Law
Maurice A. Deane School of Law

Dr. Adam M. Gonzalez
Assistant Professor
Department of Health Professions 

Dr. Rebecca Grossman
Associate Professor
Department of Psychology 

Dr. Rodney F. Hill
Associate Professor
Radio, Television, Film 

Dr. Thomas Kwiatkowski
Assistant Dean for Education/Simulation
Medical Director, Patient Safety Institute; Medical Director, Center for Emergency Medical Services
Professor of Emergency Medicine
Zucker School of Medicine at Hofstra/Northwell

Dr. Salvador Rojas-Murillo
Assistant Professor
DeMatteis School of Engineering and Applied Science

Dr. Holly J. Seirup
School of Health Professions and Human Services 

Dr. Shane G. Owens*
Licensed and Board-Certified Psychologist
*Community Member

IRB Administrator
Ms. Sofia Kakoulidis
Vice Provost for Research and Sponsored Programs
Office of the Provost
Telephone: (516) 463-6810
Fax: (516) 463-6505