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Dining Dollars

How do I change my dining dollars contract?

  • Log into your Hofstra Portal at
  • Click on the “Student Services” menu
  • Click on the “Dining Dollars Contract-Change” form under “General”
  • Select the term for which you wish to change your dining dollars contract
  • Follow the steps to change and submit your new dining dollars contract online

How can I add more dining dollars?

You can add dining dollars only if you already have a dining dollars contract for the semester. Pay by credit card here. Students can also access the form to make a purchase by credit card through the Hofstra portal.

Can I check the balance of my dining dollars?

Simply log in to the HofPass app through the Hofstra portal at or download the app to your mobile device. Search for the Atrium Campus Connect app in your app store to download the app.

How can I decrease my dining plan?

You can make changes to your dining dollars prior to the deadline on the contract, generally approximately two weeks after the start of the semester. Complete the form found here on the dining forms web page and submit it to Please note: if you lower your dining plan for the spring semester, you will forfeit any unused dining dollars from the fall semester.

Will my unused fall dining dollars transfer to my spring dining dollars?

If you choose the same dining plan or one of higher value for the spring semester, unused fall dollars will automatically transfer to spring. If you choose a lower value plan or cancel your spring dining plan, any unused fall dollars will not carry over and will be forfeited. Please note, all resident undergraduate students must select a dining dollars plan. Specific options are outlined on the dining plan contract.

Is there a winter dining plan?

No, fall dining plans remain active during winter intersession and you can add points to the fall plan if necessary.

Is there a summer dining plan?

Yes, you can sign up for summer dining plans through the Hofstra portal or by visiting the Office of Residential Programs.

Can I get a refund for my unused dining dollars?

All unused dining dollars are nonrefundable and expire the day after spring commencement, so be sure to use them. Here are some of the most common ways students use leftover points:

  • Purchase items and donate to the Hofstra Pride Pantry
  • Have a party catered; contact the Catering Office,
  • Buy in bulk at Dutch Treats.
  • Donate food to a local charity; contact the Catering Office.
  • Treat your friends and family when they visit.

When will I have access to my fall dining dollars that rolled to the spring semester?

Fall dining dollars will be available on or before the end of the month (February).

What if there are unauthorized dining purchases on my dining dollars plan?

If your card is lost or stolen, you can deactivate it online 24/7 on the HofPass app in the Hofstra portal or on your phone. Contact Campus Access and Security Systems and visit their website here. If you have unauthorized dining purchases on your plan, make a formal report to Public Safety and complete the required paperwork needed for follow-up. Students will hear back from the University on the outcome.

Who can I speak with if I have dietary restrictions?

We have a registered dietitian available for complimentary one-on-one counseling. Click here for more information.

Am I required to purchase a dining dollars plan?

All undergraduate residents are required to select a dining dollars plan at Hofstra University. Commuter students are encouraged to purchase a dining dollars plan for convenience and tax savings.