Secondary Science Education

Earth Science Education - Undergraduate Program

Bachelor of Arts in Earth Science (Science) Education

Courses in this science education program, taken in combination with the appropriate liberal arts and sciences major, lead toward New York state initial teacher certification in Earth Science (grades 7-12). The program provides necessary course work for additional certification in general science as well. Literacy, multicultural education, and information technology are integrated throughout all aspects of the programs. This program conforms with the New York State Learning Standards in Mathematics, Science and Technology and with the recommendations of the National Science Teachers’ Association.

Program Requirements

Students would choose to major in Geology (Earth Science). After completing a minimum of 45 semester hours of college course work, the student then chooses Science Education as a co-major.

In addition to meeting all the course requirements for the B.A. degree in the selected science major (Biology, Chemistry, Geology or Physics), prospective teachers of science must include within their overall undergraduate program of study :

  1. Minimum of 6 semester hours in Biology.
  2. Minimum of 6 semester hours in Chemistry
  3. Minimum of 6 semester hours in Geology (Earth Science)
  4. Minimum of 6 semester hours in Physics
  5. Minimum of 6 semester hours in Calculus-based Mathematics or 3 semester hours in Calculus-based Mathematics and 3 semester hours in Biostatistics or any course work in Statistics.
  6. Students who are preparing to teach Earth Science are required to include GEOL 1, Physical Geological Science, and GEOL 7, Earth Science I, among their course work.

The Hofstra University undergraduate program in Science Education, with Specialization in Biology, is a New York State registered program. Students who successfully complete this program and who obtain passing scores on the New York State Teacher Certification Examinations (NYSTCE) will qualify for New York State Initial Teacher Certification. 
For a detailed plan of study, requirements, and other important information, please view or download this Adobe PDF file.

Undergraduate students seeking teacher certification should contact the following staff member for content area advisement:

J. Bret Bennington, Ph.D.
Professor of Geology
Phone: (516) 463-5568