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Parent Services


View student's account statement and make payments online.


Add cash to your student's Dutch Debits account online!

Students can access these services through the Student Services menu within the portal.

Interest-Free Monthly Payment Plan Options

Hofstra University is pleased to offer interest-free, flexible payment plans to meet your individual needs.  Students and Authorized Users are encouraged to enroll early for a discounted fee and to spread your payments out evenly. 

Change for Spring 2018-Payment Plans will be automatically calculated based upon the balance of your account and adjusted if the balance changes. The balance is calculated as follows:
Charges for the semester Less any Anticipated Financial Aid posted on your account.

Payment Plan Options 2017-2018

Plans open in mid-November for the spring after charges are posted to the account

For the spring semester, students who enrolled in the annual plan beginning in the fall will not pay any fee again for the spring. Term Only plans will have a fee as indicated below.

Enrollment fees, due dates and plan details are shown below:

Spring Portion of the Annual Plan- 5 payments for spring

5 equal payments per term*, due monthly beginning 11/25. Missed Payments are Due Upon Enrollment.

  • One-time discounted enrollment fee due upon enrollment in the fall term.
  • Student or Authorized User must enroll online each term, however no additional enrollment fee for the spring term.
  • Fall term payments are due 6/25, 7/25, 8/25, 9/25 and 10/25
  • Spring term payments are due 11/25, 12/25, 1/25, 2/25 and 3/25.

Term Only-4 payments per term


Enroll on or before 6/30 (Fall) 11/30 (Spring) Auto Debit $50 Non Auto $100
Enroll 7/1-7/31 (Fall) 12/1-12/31 (Spring) Auto Debit $60 Non Auto $120

4 equal payments per term*, due monthly beginning 7/1. Missed Payments are Due Upon Enrollment.

  • Fee is paid each term, fall and spring.
  • Offers flexibility of enrolling for only one semester, based on financial needs.
  • Fall term payments are due 7/1, 8/1, 9/1 and 10/1
  • Spring term payments are due 12/1, 1/1, 2/1 and 3/1.

*If you enroll after the payment due dates, missed payments are due upon enrollment.  Enroll early to spread your payments out evenly.

A U.S. Bank Account is required to enroll in a Payment Plan online.  International Students should contact their Student Financial Services counselor if you wish to enroll in a payment plan and do not have a U.S. Bank Account

Each plan offers an Auto Debit or a Non-Auto Debit payment option. Auto Debit plans are offered at a discounted rate.

Refer to the detailed instructions at hofstra.edu/sfshowto  for more information on How to Enroll in a Payment Plan.

Once enrolled, payments made after each remaining due date are subject to a $100 late payment fee.

You can view the details of charges and anticipated credits on line through the Hofstra Portal any time or contact Student Financial Services at 516-463-8000.