Center for STEM Research

STEM Education K - 16

  • STEM Learning Communities

    Teacher preparation is a fundamental prerequisite to infusion of mathematics into school practice and in the development of STEM Learning Communities. The goal of the MSTP Project's professional development is for STEM teachers to expand their content knowledge and pedagogical skills by creating highly effective STEM Learning.


    STEM Symposium Report


  • Science Lessons
    • Density
    • Solubility
    • Speed
  • Engineering and Technology Education Lesson
  • Bedroom Design Videos
    • Overview
    • Student Work
      This is a middle school STEM project that reinforces key understandings in math and engineering/technology. The Bedroom Design Challenge includes all the KSB and related material for students and teachers. The mathematical areas include measurement, ratio and proportion, geometric reasoning, and percentages.
    • Drying by Design
      This is an upper middle, lower high school design activity that has strong mathematics and science connections. Teacher support material for the activity is included, including pre and post assessments.