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First Generation: Paying for College


What is FASFA?
FASFA stands for the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. This is a form that current and prospective college students can fill out in order to apply for financial aid from the federal government. To complete and submit your FAFSA, you can utilize the FAFSA website. The FAFSA is completely free to complete. Once a student complete the FAFSA, they are presented with the Student Aid Report (SAR), which displays all financial aid eligibility.

Am I Eligible for FAFSA Aid?

Types of Federal Aid
The federal government offers a few different types of financial aid. The SAR on the FAFSA will let you know which aid you are eligible for. Below are the most common forms of aid:

  • Pell Grant: These grants are provided to students whose families are expected to be unable to contribute significantly to a students’ education. These grants do not need to be repaid
  • Direct Loan: As long as a student is enrolled at least part-time, they do not need to pay principal payments on this loan. These loans do need to be repaid, and they also have interest rates
    • Subsidized Direct Loan: The federal government pays the interest rate on this loan, so long as the student is attending school
    • Unsubsidized Direct Loan: The federal government is not involved in the repayment of the interest rate on this loan. The student is fully responsible for repaying all interest that accumulates while they are attending school
  • The Federal Work Study Program: This program allow students to work on campus part-time. Half of the students’ wages are paid for by the university, and the other half is paid for by the federal government

How to Complete the FAFSA
There are one of three ways in which you can complete your FAFSA. You can submit it either online, by paper, or by phone. When you complete your FAFSA, you will be asked for Hofstra University’s federal code. Hofstra’s code is 002732.

When to Submit Your FAFSA
“Hofstra University recommends that you file your application by November 15th of your senior year of high school” (this is taken directly from the SFS page). For other answers to Frequently Asked Questions, please see Hofstra’s Financial Aid FAFSA page.
Office of Student Employment
Financial Aid

Jobs on Campus

One way you can finance your college education is to secure on campus employment. Many students find on campus jobs easier to maintain because they do not have to leave campus to participate in them, and because on campus employers are often more sensitive to the needs of students. Many jobs will allow you to work on school work once your tasks are completed.

There are two types of undergraduate student employment on campus. The first is a workstudy position. These jobs are available only to those students who are determined by Student Financial Services to be workstudy eligible. In such cases, the students are awarded a specific dollar amount as part of their financial aid package, and they may work on campus in eligible workstudy jobs until they reach biweekly compensation equal to the award amount. Funds for this type of job come directly from the federal government. To find out if you are workstudy eligible, check your financial aid package via your myhofstra portal, or reach out to your financial aid counselor.

The second type of campus job are those jobs paid directly out of Hofstra departmental budgets. In this type of employment, the amount of work that can be had is dependent on the department hiring you, and their budgetary concerns. To see what jobs are currently open to apply to, check out the Student Jobs link on you’re portal landing page, on the left hand side.

Student Leadership Opportunities

Welcome Week Leaders/Coordinators

Each summer, a group of students lead the first-years through their first big week at Hofstra University. Welcome Week Coordinators work through the summer to plan the events of Welcome Week, and the Leaders have the opportunity to mentor and guide first-year students in their initial days on campus, connecting them to appropriate resources and easing their transition to college. For more information, send an email.

Orientation Leaders

Orientation Leaders (OL’s for short) are student leaders who are employed by the University over the summer to welcome and provide orientation for new incoming and transfer students to Hofstra. Employment begins immediately after the end of the spring semester, and runs through to the first day of classes in the fall. OL’s receive housing over the summer, and a stipend. Learn More about being an OL.

Resident Assistant

Resident Assistants (RA’s for short) are leaders within the residence hall community that work to support the mission of the Department of Residence Life. These individuals work to put on social and educational programming to create a sense of community for those who live on campus. They also complete administrative work for the office, conduct health and safety checks in student rooms and common spaces, and enforce residence hall and University policy.

RA employment begins with training in mid-August, and goes until late May. Students in this position receive reimbursement for their housing costs, as well as a small stipend paid out over the course of the semester. Those RA’s in good standing are also able to apply for a handful of summer RA employment positions.

The RA Application for positions starting in the fall semester typically goes live on the January 1st before it. The application window closes in early February, with offers extended just before spring break. Due to this process, applications are typically not accepted out of this time frame, and any positions that open up later in the year are filled from an alternate pool that is created as part of the spring process.

Scholarship Opportunities

Information will be posted at a later date.