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Zarb Exchange Program at Hochschule Bremen

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Hochschule Bremen (HSB), the largest university of applied sciences in the smallest German federal state, is rich in tradition. Established in 1799, the university is committed to innovation and internationalization and embodies excellence in applied and practice-oriented teaching and research. Approximately 8,000 students can choose from 70 international degrees offered by five faculties. The School of International Business (SiB) is the largest faculty at HSB and strongly believes in the value of internationalizing business education by sending students abroad and by hosting international students.

Bremen, Germany's oldest coastal city, is second only to Hamburg among German ports. Known as the "ancient town by the gray river," Bremen is one of Germany's major trade and industrial centers and earned the "City of Science 2005" distinction. With many magnificent parks, gardens and open spaces, the city is a paradise for cyclists. Museums, art exhibitions, theaters, football, festivals, concerts, opera and ballet provide Bremen with an abundance of cultural events.

  • Fall (Winter) Semester (October to February) – Application due June 1
  • Spring (summer) Semester (March to July) – Application due January 15
  • Summer (July) – Application due March 31

Students should have sophomore standing for semester-long programs. Summer program is open to all Zarb students.

Each course is equivalent through the European Credit Transfer System to a three-credit course at Hofstra.

The international office assists students from partner universities to find housing in either dormitories or with families, and also to search for shared apartments.

Each semester the International Office organizes a comprehensive "Newcomer Service" program for international students, which provides all the necessary information on administrative matters, health insurance, registration, student identification and the "Semester Ticket" for public transportation. The "Adopt-a-Student" program links exchange students with families in Bremen for leisure and cultural activities. In addition, throughout the semester, the International Office organizes activities such as a welcome party, sightseeing tour of Bremen, trips to Berlin and other destinations, and various social events. HSB also offers a free, one-week intensive German language course before the start of each semester.

All students are responsible for obtaining the necessary visa. For more information, students should visit the U.S. Department of State at for links to each country's embassy. Students may be exempt from mandatory health coverage if they provide proof of health insurance coverage in their home country that is valid in Germany and provides unlimited coverage for outpatient and hospital treatment. The university strongly recommends that students purchase a public students insurance plan, which costs approximately €80 per month.

For semester-long programs, students pay regular Hofstra tuition. For the cost of summer program, contact Associate Dean Gioia P. Bales at (516) 463-5703.

Contact the Program

Senior Associate Dean

Brian Caligiure, MBA
(516) 463-5680

International Program Coordinator

Julia Leonhardt
Telephone: +49 (0) 421 5905 4105