Physical Wellness

Physical Wellness includes building good, healthy physical habits to help build and maintain a healthy body. It involves nutrition, exercise, and appropriate health care. A few ways we can do this may entail choosing things that make our body feel good and trimming back the things that bring us down. We can also feel better by creating a routine that balances activity with inactivity, and that is also manageable within our obligations and needs.

Physical Wellness Tips

  • Listening to our bodies' needs and fostering habits that fuel an active healthy lifestyle.
  • Meet with campus dietitians and nutritionists if you need help building a nutritious diet.
  • Keep up with doctor’s appointments to manage any health concerns.

Physical Wellness Resources

Fitness Center

The Fitness Center is a two-level multi-purpose gym offering a wide variety of cardio and strength training equipment and programs and features an indoor track, a gymnasium area, a lounge area, and studios. More About The Fitness Center

Intramural Sports

Stay active, learn a sport, challenge yourself, meet new people, and have some fun.

More About Intramurals

Group Exercise Classes

Relieve the stresses of the day and join a group exercise class!

More about Group Classes

Club Sports

There are numerous competitive and wellness/ recreational clubs available if you want to be a part of a team or a group setting.

More about Club Sports

Personal Training Consult

Periodic orientations to the Fitness Center are held to acquaint you with all equipment throughout the facility.

More about Personal Training

Swim Center

Take advantage of our Olympic-sized pool and get those laps in!

More about the Swim Center

Other Campus Opportunities

Outdoor recreational opportunities include a basketball court near the FC, intramural fields, tennis courts, and being planned, pickleball courts!

Campus Dining Nutritionist

Get your nutrition questions answered by speaking to our registered dietitian consultant from Compass Dining.

More about the Nutritionist

Student Health Services

Here for all students, we are committed to providing an inclusive environment, so we can expertly care for all our patients with compassion and respect.

More about Student Health Services