Mission Statement

Our mission in the Hofstra University Writing Center is to work with current Hofstra undergraduate and graduate student-writers of varying experience levels, learning styles, and linguistic backgrounds. We work in and across disciplines. We support students’ growth as writers through one-on-one sessions with tutors trained in collaborative learning practices. Our sessions are conversation based. Rather than editing their writing, tutors help students gain independence by discussing the writing process in its entirety, including genre, audience expectations, and revision strategies. We place particular emphasis on meeting the needs of a particular writing situation. We offer a structured and safe learning environment that helps undergraduate and graduate students excel in college-level writing and helps them develop skills that lead to both academic persistence and success beyond graduation.



Andrea Rosso Efthymiou, PhD
Writing Center Director 
Assistant Professor, Writing Studies & Rhetoric
Originally from California, Andrea Rosso has worked in writing center administration in the New York area since 2007. Andrea researches how working in a writing center affects tutors' civic engagement. She earned her PhD at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York and her BA at UCLA. Outside of the Writing Center, she can often be found cooking, swimming, or traveling with her family.

Marilyn Buono, PhD
Writing Center Assistant Director
Adjunct Associate Professor, Writing Studies & Rhetoric
Marilyn Buono is the assistant director of the Writing Center and an adjunct associate professor of writing in the Department of Writing Studies and Composition at Hofstra University in Hempstead, New York. She received her PhD in Literacy Studies and her MA in English Literature from Hofstra University. Marilyn grew up in California but loves the change of seasons in New York – especially the fall – when you will find her fanatically preparing and decorating for Halloween!  


Aisha is a faculty member in the Department of Writing Studies & Rhetoric at Hofstra University. She has an MFA in Creative Writing and a BA in Radio, TV, and Film. She loves watching students succeed.

Andi is currently a graduate student in Hofstra's Speech-Language Pathology program. She earned her bachelor's degree at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, where she also worked as a writing center tutor. Other than tutoring, Andi enjoys dance/theater, cheesy mystery novels, and adorable corgi puppies. She is extremely excited for the chance to get to know the wonderful students of Hofstra!

Betty is a senior and a double major in global studies and journalism. She was born in Ethiopia and moved to America when she was four. Betty grew up in Birmingham, Alabama. She is the features editor for the Hofstra Chronicle. She loves all forms of writing, ranging from prose and poetry to economic and political analysis.

Catie is currently an undergraduate at Hofstra University from Boston, Massachusetts. She is a double major in English and psychology and a minor in LGBTQ+ studies. Around Hofstra, Catie is the vice president of Culinary Club and a member of Hofstra Hillel's a cappella group, the Chai Notes. She is also a peer mentor on the PRISM track and enjoys helping incoming students find their home at Hofstra. In her free time, Catie enjoys reading (particularly re-reading the Harry Potter books), watching Netflix, and playing piano. She's very excited to be a writing tutor this year and looks forward to working with all kinds of students.

Cecilia is a double major in publishing studies and writing studies. She is originally from Annapolis, Maryland, and has a small addiction to sweet tea and online shopping. Cecilia loves to help clients with brainstorming, organizing, and expanding on ideas for both academic and creative pieces.

Damian is an English creative writing & literature major, as well as a film studies & production major. Originally from Orange County, New York, Damian loves to read and write fiction, with subdued aspirations of publishing creative work one day. He is also a founding member and secretary of Working Title, a creative writing club at Hofstra University.

Danny is an English creative writing major with a double minor in journalism and RTVF. He's originally from Franklin, Massachusetts. He's currently enrolled at Hofstra as a senior. On campus, he not only works at the Writing Center but is a part of the Working Title creative writing club, and writes creatively (prose, poetry) in his free time. He plays guitar, sings with a dad voice, and loves to drive around (and usually doesn't crash). He loves hearing people's ideas and communicating with people on their work to make it better!

David is an adjunct faculty member of the Writing Studies & Rhetoric Department at Hofstra University, teaching WSC 001 and 002.

Jen is an alumna of Hofstra University and a faculty member in the Writing Studies & Rhetoric Department; she works as a writer and editor as well for both print and web publications.

Jessica is a senior and a double major in creative writing and writing studies with a minor in world literature. Her hometown is South Windsor, Connecticut, but she chose to come to school in New York for a change of scene. Prior to her work at Hofstra's Writing Center, Jessica was also a writing tutor at her high school. Aside from tutoring, Jessica is very involved on campus as the secretary of Hofstra's only book club, Overbooked, and the public relations chair for the all-female a cappella group Makin' Treble. In her spare time, Jessica enjoys relaxing with a good book, writing poetry or fiction, and singing. Audio/video available for appointments.

Joe is a faculty member of the English Department at Hofstra University. He teaches creative writing and specializes in poetry.

Lauren is currently a junior film studies and production major with a minor in psychology. She was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York and loves to travel around the city with her friends. Her main interest is in pursuing a career as a screenwriter/director, making films mostly focused on mental health issues. She is the pre-production/production chair of the Hofstra Filmmaker's Club and is involved in Director's Cut as well. During her down time, Lauren will actually read books, listen to a variety of music, and sing along to it (badly), research behind-the-scenes TV and movie facts, and write as much of a screenplay as she can.

Maddie is a junior drama major with minors in writing studies and creative writing from Suffolk, Virginia. She is a member of Spectrum Players (an acting club) and Hofstra Sp!t (a poetry club). In her free time, she is probably doing something crafty or trying to write. Maddie likes to work with students of all kinds and will try to help no matter what is brought in!

Michael is a writer, traveler, and teacher from Boston, Massachusetts. His research interests include Dutch-American history, American literature, and basic/first-year writing.

Nick is a junior English publishing studies major from Dutchess County, New York. Nick loves baseball and basketball, and often spends his free time playing various games, as well as occasionally writing for fun. He is a member of Alpha Phi Omega, Hofstra's co-ed community service fraternity, and is ready and excited to help any student with any assignment.

Nidhi is a double major in writing studies and English with a concentration in creative writing and literature with a minor in RTVF. She is a Queens, New York girl. Nidhi loves to work on brainstorming, expanding, and strengthening ideas, arguments, and communication. She also loves Shakespeare (seriously, she means it). In her free time, she watches films, TV shows, reads, and writes stories and poetry.

Rowen is an entrepreneurship major with a double minor in political science and philosophy. Rowen is starting a company for composting, mushroom farming, and regenerative agriculture. In his free time, Rowen likes to rescue kittens from the streets of Uniondale, New York.

Ryan is a double major in linguistics and rhetoric with a concentration in political communication. He is originally from Bloomfield, New Jersey, and is a senior this year. He plays the alto saxophone well, the clarinet poorly, and is on the long road toward learning the trombone when he can find a chance. When not playing instruments or working in the Writing Center, Ryan is likely watching YouTube, Netflix, or taking a nap of considerable length. Ryan particularly enjoys helping in the organization of ideas and is happy to help with all kinds of writing.

Sam is a publishing studies major originally from Upstate New York. In her free time, she enjoys writing, dancing, cooking, and settling down with a good book. She enjoys working with students on all kinds of writing, but especially enjoys literary analysis and persuasive writing. She is available to work with audio/video in all appointments.

Sarah is a neuroscience major with great interest in both biology and psychology. Although her main studies lie in the sciences, she considers literature just as important; as a winner of the Penguin Random House Creative Writing Awards, she truly believes in the power of the pen! During her free time, she likes to draw (not that she's ever completed a piece), watch YouTube, and play trending games. She is happy to work with all kinds of writing and enjoys the myriad of topics students bring to the Writing Center.

Shayna is a journalism major with a double minor in writing studies and RTVF. She is from the south shoreline of Long Island, residing in East Islip, New York. When she is not tutoring, Shayna is Hofstra’s Morning Wake-Up Call director for 88.7FM, Radio Hofstra University. On her days off, one can find her typing away at her laptop, writing articles or snuggled up under a blanket with a good book. Shayna enjoys helping students brainstorm writing ideas, drawing out more emotion from their writing, and helping students find their own authoritative voice.

Victoria is a junior publishing studies major with minors in writing studies and psychology from Monroe, Connecticut. On campus, Victoria is a member of the Hofstra English Society and a copy editor for The Hofstra Chronicle. In her free time, Victoria is likely to be reading, listening to music, dancing, or taking a nap. Victoria enjoys working with students on brainstorming, organization, and expressing their ideas through their writing.


Code of Conduct

The Hofstra University Writing Center aims to provide a safe space for the exchange of intellectual ideas. Consistent with the mission of Hofstra University, Writing Center staff and clients will treat each other with respect and dignity. We aim to model professional exchange and engagement. The Hofstra University Writing Center does not tolerate discrimination or harassment of any members of the Hofstra community.

Appointment Policies for Current Hofstra Students

  • Writers may make a maximum of one appointment per day and three appointments per week. All appointments are 50-minutes long.
  • Writers should arrive on time to their sessions. If a writer is five (5) minutes late, we consider the appointment missed; however, we will call to see if the writer is on the way. If the writer is not on the way, we will mark the appointment as missed and open the appointment to another writer.
  • If necessary, writers should cancel appointments online at least two (2) hours before their sessions. If a writer misses two appointments, without canceling in advance within one semester, that writer will not be able to make Writing Center appointments for the remainder of the semester.

Tutoring sessions are a limited resource, and we want to help our many Hofstra writers as effectively as possible.

If writers need to discuss these policies or their scheduling accounts with the Writing Center, they should contact Writing Center Director Andrea Efthymiou (andrea.r.efthymiou@hofstra.edu) or Assistant Director Marilyn Buono (marilyn.f.buono@hofstra.edu).

Revised as of January 1, 2020.