From the Chair

The study of writing and rhetoric is critically important in our global and networked society. Expertise in written language and oral communication is essential in all occupations and vocations and in all kinds of human interactions. The faculty in Writing Studies and Rhetoric is committed to providing you with experiences, skills, and resources that will support your immediate and long-term success in your writing and in spoken communication, at the university and after.

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Mission Statement

The Department of Writing Studies and Rhetoric is committed to the teaching of writing in its own courses and to the support of the teaching of writing across the disciplines at Hofstra. Our main objective is to foster awareness in the Hofstra community of the centrality of writing to the development of a critical consciousness, to successful pursuit of academic and career objectives, and to effective participation in public discourse.

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Learning Goals and Objectives

Learn about the goals and learning objectives of the Department of Writing Studies and Rhetoric.

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Department Administration

The Writing Studies and Rhetoric departmental office is located in 124A Mason Hall. For information about the department call Diane Cecere at (516) 463-4871 or Lynne Espiritu at (516) 463-5467.

Department Chair
Dr. Ethna Lay
123 Mason Hall
(516) 463-0074
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Associate Chair
Dr. Daisy Miller
121 Mason Hall
(516) 463-5456
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Assistant to the Chair
Diane Cecere
124A Mason Hall
(516) 463-4871
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Writing Center Director
Dr. Andrea Efthymiou
122 Mason Hall
(516) 463-5443
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Writing Center Assistant Director
Dr. Marilyn Buono
102 Mason Hall
(516) 463-5050
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Writing Proficiency Examination Coordinator
Eileen Greco
118 Mason Hall
(516) 463-5252
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Director of Forensics
Dr. Tomeka Robinson
111 Mason Hall
(516) 463-5431
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Director of STEM Writing
Dr. Lisa DeTora
211 Mason Hall
(516) 463-0073
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