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IT Service Catalog

Print Services (Students)

Hofstra’s print services are made available to students in many forms. Most of the print and copy services available to students are controlled by a system called PridePrint. Students can print on campus from the University's workstations or from their own computer. Printing can be accomplished by uploading documents through a web browser from on and off campus. There are over 40 printers available to students located throughout campus.


Who can use this service?


Where to find help

Who can assist me with this service?

  • End user call-in, walk-in and text-in support are all available during Student Technical Support hours, 8am to midnight, 7 days a week, with the exception of major holidays and university weather closings

  • Online information is available on Hofstra's website, https://www.hofstra.edu/prideprint

Service Owner

Who in IT is responsible for this service?

James R. Shuart
Assistant Director for Academic Systems

Key Features

Desktop services include but are not necessarily limited to:

  • Students are provided with a generous number of free print credits each academic year (currently 120 print credits or 1200 double sided B&W pages per year on most printers)

  • Additional print credits can be purchased at Student Accounts

  • Students can print on campus from lab and classroom computers or from their own computer using a special software client

  • Printing can be performed by uploading Office or PDF documents to the PridePrint website, a feature called Web Print that can also be accessed from off campus

  • Jobs sent to the “PridePrint” printers are held for release for up to 12 hours

  • Jobs can be released on any one of the color or black & white laser printers that are located in many of the residence halls and academic buildings (currently 40+ printers in 25 locations)

  • Many print release stations are accessible 24x7

  • Users can review their usage history and, when necessary, request refunds online

Key Requirements

  • Standard web browser for Web Print, viewing print history and requesting refunds

  • Client software for printing from personal computers via file print

What to Expect

  • Hofstra’s printing services are designed to be available 24x7x365 with the exception of several small maintenance windows each year that are scheduled during off peak hours

  • End user call-in, walk-in and text-in support is available during SCS Technical Support hours, 8am to midnight, 7 days a week, with the exception of major holidays and university weather closings

  • Paper and toner stock for PridePrint release stations is maintained by SCS

  • PridePrint release stations are physically maintained by SCS. Paper and toner checks and replenishment is performed daily (7 days a week). Minor release station problems, such as paper jams, are resolved within one business day

  • Hardware repair is performed by Lexmark warranty repair technicians, with-in 2 business day

Requesting the Service

  • Users don’t need to request service; it is simply available to them in labs and classrooms

  • The client software is available for download from the Hofstra Portal

  • Requests for new print release locations are reviewed and processed by SCS


Who is consulted regarding the strategic direction of this service?

  • Students

  • Employees