Academic Honor Code

Academic Integrity Online

Academic Integrity Matters ... Online. Earn Your Degree. #HofstraHonorCode

For many students, the experience of taking online classes makes them feel independent, calm, and their self-discipline runs high. Other students feel uncomfortable, removed, unmotivated, confused, and scared. No matter how you are feeling about an online learning environment, many students fall victim to unintentionally or intentionally cheating or plagiarizing. We want to provide you with some basic tools and resources to help you be successful while upholding the Hofstra Academic Honor Code.

  • KNOW THE COURSE EXPECTATIONS  Communicate with faculty when you are unsure of your responsibilities or the class expectations. All faculty hold office hours, which should be listed on the course syllabus. These hours are a perfect time to talk with your professor. If you cannot make the listed times, talk to your professor to schedule an appointment.
  • ASSUME INDEPENDENT WORK  Assume all assignments and studying should be completed independently unless your instructor tells you otherwise. Always ask for clarification about study groups, appropriate study resources, and course materials.
  • PLAN AHEAD – Most problems occur because of time management issues. Practice setting an alarm not just to wake up, but throughout the day to remind you of when classes start, assignments are due, or to just get up and get a snack or walk away from the computer. Keep a planner or list of all assignments due during the semester and work out how long each assignment will take to complete.
  • PRACTICE SELF-CARE & GOOD SLEEPING HABITS  Whether it is a walk around campus (or your backyard), a yoga class, meditation, or just stepping away from the computer and phone for a short while, self-care is crucial when taking classes online. Be sure to get plenty of rest and try to keep a “normal” schedule and sleeping pattern.
  • SET YOUR OWN EXPECTATIONS & GOALS  Set reasonable goals and grade expectations for your courses. Try to avoid comparing yourself to others and avoid unhealthy competition with classmates.
  • ADMIT WHEN YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND OR NEED HELP  When you are overwhelmed, confused, or just feeling like you need some reassurance, ask your instructor for help, and take advantage of all the campus support services available online, including:
    • Faculty Office Hours – All faculty who are currently teaching must hold weekly office hours and most are offering hours remotely.
    • Center for Academic Excellence staff will help you improve your academic performance and persistence with strategies that lead to active learning, engagement, and self-regulation.
    • Undergraduate Tutorial Program offers academic support online in group or one-on-one tutoring in most major subject areas.
    • Department of Mathematics Tutoring offers online tutoring for students enrolled in many mathematics courses. If tutoring is available for your course, you will have access to sign up for tutoring sessions on Canvas.
    • Department of Engineering Tutoring offers online tutoring for students enrolled in many engineering courses. If tutoring is available for your course, you will have access to sign up for tutoring sessions on Canvas.
    • The Writing Center offers online one-on-one writing support to all undergraduate and graduate students. Appointments can be made online.
    • Student Access Services offers accommodations and online coaching and support to students with disabilities.
    • Center for University Advising offers online advisement on course selection, degree completion, academic interests, and goal setting.
    • Student Counseling Services offers online and individual and group counseling to students who are having difficulty with emotional, behavioral, academic, or adjustment concerns.
    • Peer Alliance offers various peer mentorship programs. Connect with a peer and let them guide you on successful strategies and supports that they find useful.