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Sustainability Degrees

Undergraduate Programs

  • Sustainability Studies Bachelor of Science

    This sustainability major focuses on providing students with an integrative experience in tying together the themes of environment, economic development, and social equity in ways that seek to solve local, regional, national, and international sustainability. Significant themes of sustainability include energy, water, food, transportation, urban and suburban planning, economic development, social equity, and ethics. The program focuses on sustainability management and implementation using quantitative and qualitative methods. The BS program requires coursework in the math and sciences. The BS degree is geared for students interested in quantitative approaches to sustainability or for those who seek to work in scientific aspects of the discipline.

  • Sustainability Studies Bachelor of Arts

    For students interested in broad, comprehensive issues of sustainability that weave together the environment, economic development, and social equity. Students can design coursework to focus on a number of important themes of sustainability including ethics, policy, law, activism, sustainability management, green entrepreneurialism, and a variety of other themes in consultation with their advisor. The BA degree is designed for students interested in working in policy, planning, management, or green business development.

  • Sustainability Studies Minor

    Meant for students who wish to augment their main degree through a broad exploration of sustainability issues from an interdisciplinary perspective.

Graduate Program

  • Masters in Sustainability

    This sustainability program is for students seeking graduate-level experience in a particular aspect of sustainability. Mentors may be chosen from across the natural and social sciences as well as in areas such as law, the humanities, business, and health sciences. Students are expected to complete a thesis or a hands-on internship project.