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Hofstra Northwell School of Graduate Nursing and Physician Assistant Studies

Vision, Mission, Values, Program Outcomes

  • Graduate Nursing Mission, Values, and Program Outcomes


    The Master of Science Program with a major in Nursing, through an interprofessional learning model, will graduate Nurse Practitioners who will be prepared to provide quality, holistic, scientifically sound, and patient-centered care while optimizing the health and well-being of diverse populations and communities for the betterment of humanity.


    Graduates of the Hofstra Northwell School of Graduate Nursing and Physician Assistant Studies will be recognized by their practice and conduct as exemplary health professionals. The core values of the Master of Science Programs create the curricular framework for the continued development of our learners’ professional identity formation as advanced practice nurses. The ten values make explicit for students those tenets of professionalism to be demonstrated in their new healthcare roles:

    • Collaboration: We work to enhance the advanced practice nurses’, as well as communities of practice, collaborative efforts to partner with the populations we serve as well as our interprofessional colleagues to provide quality, safe patient care. Collegiality, teamwork and partnership will be the cornerstone of our success in the advancement of our commitment to the health and well being of our consumers and each other.
    • Courage: We promote the ethical, moral and mental fortitude that enables our advanced practice nurses, as well as communities of practice, to advocate in support of the healthcare consumers' values, beliefs, and preferences.
    • Diversity:  In appreciation of the broad range of human needs and perspectives, we support a diverse learning community that prepares our advanced practice nurses,  as well as communities of practice, to provide care that embraces the commonalities and differences of our healthcare consumers.
    • Excellence: We are committed to developing advanced practice nurses, as well as communities of practice, who challenge the existing norms to achieve exemplary value-based healthcare outcomes while increasing access to care.
    • Global Health: We prepare advanced practice nurses to function in a variety of settings, as well as communities of practice, to impact global health.
    • Humanism: We prepare our advanced practice nurses, as well as communities of practice, to deliver care that is respectful of and responsive to the preferences, needs and values of the healthcare consumer through effective communication and consumer participation.
    • Innovation: We believe in a creative and evolving educational approach to the development of advanced practice nurses, as well as communities of practice, enabling them to respond to the ever-changing needs of a broad spectrum of consumers in a dynamic healthcare environment.
    • Leadership: We believe that leadership is an important value for all of our stakeholders. We will inspire both our faculty and students to have the courage to lead and positively influence the future state of healthcare in the 21st century.
    • Learning: We provide an interprofessional learning environment committed to student-centered academic and clinical development, personal and professional growth, and life-long learning.
    • Scholarship: We foster a culture of excellence that supports our faculty and students’ engagement in the continuum of scholarship, from discovery, integration, application and education, encouraging them to link scientific inquiry and cutting-edge research with the provision of high quality, evidence-based, patient-centered care to advance global health.

    Graduate Nursing Program Outcomes

    Through the values of leadership, scholarship, collaboration, innovation, excellence, global health, humanism, learning, courage and diversity, advanced practice nurses who complete the curriculum of the respective track of the Master of Science program will:

    • Integrate critical analysis from the sciences and humanities to improve advanced practice nursing and health outcomes.
    • Develop innovative practice by integrating principles of change throughout health care systems.
    • Apply investigative skills in the translation of new knowledge to improve practice and health outcomes.
    • Demonstrate proficiency in the use of improvement sciences and peer review to achieve measurable health outcomes, including, but not limited to, value-based health care.
    • Apply technology and scientific health information to coordinate and deliver personalized health care to a diverse global population.
    • Advocate strategies to impact the ethical, legal, and social factors of global health care policy.
    • Collaborate as leaders and members of the interprofessional team to maximize communication and coordination of care to achieve optimal health outcomes.
    • Provide a full spectrum of evidence-based health care services throughout the life cycle of the population served to optimize health outcomes.
    • Demonstrate professionalism, accountability and ownership while providing patient-centered care that recognizes diversity and respects consumer preferences.

    The Hofstra Northwell School of Graduate Nursing and Physician Assistant Studies aims to be the global leader in interprofessional education preparing the next generation of Advanced Practice Nurses and Physician Assistants.

    The School will incorporate the diverse academic programs and infrastructure of Hofstra University, as well as the significant clinical activities and educational resources of Northwell Health.