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Co-op Program Application Procedure and Forms

Each student who wishes to participate in the program will be responsible for submitting to the Co-op office via email the following documents:

Students applying for a co-op position must register for their next semester classes in accordance with university deadlines.  Class registration may be cancelled once a co-op position is accepted.

Procedures for Receiving/Accepting a Job Offer:

  1. Submit a copy of your offer letter for approval to the Co-op Director at Philip.M.Coniglio[at]hofstra.edu.  Offer letters must include start and finish dates and salary.
  2. Once the Co-op Director has approved your offer letter, sign and email a copy of the letter to the company and the Co-op Director.
  3. Notify other co-op companies where you have applied and have interviewed that you have accepted another offer.
  4. Contact Lori Castoria in the Engineering Office or Lynda Callahan in the Computer Science office to register for COOP199 (Undergraduate) or COOP299 (Graduate).
  5. Cancel any courses you’ve registered for in the upcoming semester.
  6. Contact the Co-op Director to schedule an appointment to review co-op responsibilities and procedures. All forms listed above must be submitted prior to the meeting.