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Center for STEM Research

Educational Initiatives and Curriculum Projects:

1. Informed Design

Informed Design follows the traditional design process, but uses guided research and investigation to build student knowledge and skills required for the design. These Knowledge and Skill Builders (KSBs) are the heart of the Informed Design Process. They assist students in learning key concepts in mathematics, science and engineering/technology that are related to the design challenge.

The ABCs of Informed Design provides a guide to constructing Informed Design Activities. It is illustrated with a revised version of the Drying by Design Activity.

This is a middle school STEM project that reinforces key understandings in math and engineering/technology. The Bedroom Design Challenge includes all the KSBs and related material for students and teachers. The mathematical areas include measurement, ratio and proportion, geometric reasoning, and percents.

This is a middle, lower high school, design activity that has strong mathematical and science connections. Teacher support material for the activity is included, including pre/post assessments.

2. Ontology: International Research Student (CCETE)

3. Transformative Model for Technology Education

4. Engineering in Elementary (EiE)

5. Math Infusion into STEM

6.  WISEngineering