The Lawrence Herbert School of Communication

Herbert School of Communication: Dean's Welcome

Mark Lukasiewicz

It is hard to imagine a more exciting, challenging, and invigorating time in the field of communication, nor a more perfect place to engage with that passion than here at The Lawrence Herbert School of Communication.

In every field of human endeavor, in every aspect of our society, and in every country across the globe, communication has become an even more vital piece of the social fabric. The stories we tell each other, and the perspectives we share – whether through film, television, radio, social media, or the written and spoken word of journalism and public relations – have never been more important in shaping our present and future world. The challenge for all of us, to get it right, has never been more pressing.

Here at the Herbert School, students and faculty meet that challenge together.

Our faculty draw upon ongoing professional experiences and scholarly expertise in their respective fields to shape a constantly evolving curriculum that launches our students confidently into the rapidly expanding world of communication.


Our students draw upon a rich array of cocurricular opportunities and internship programs to take their classroom and practical learning into real-world experiences from their first days on campus.

Your teachers will be not only experts, but also practitioners, whose passion for their field is matched only by their passion for sharing that knowledge with a new generation of storytellers. You will learn skills, and you will learn principles. You will study where our field is going, and gain an understanding of where we have been. You will be challenged to think, to write, and to create. And every step of the way, starting on day one, you will be telling your own stories using state-of-the-art equipment and state-of-the-art facilities.

We do this work surrounded and enriched by our colleagues and fellow students in the broader Hofstra University community, whose students and faculty bring their own unique experiences and viewpoints to the Herbert School by participating in interdisciplinary and cocurricular activities.

We do this work a short distance from New York City, the communications and media capital of the world, where a robust network of Herbert School alumni are ready and willing to share their own experiences and offer a helping hand. A year-round internship program finds many Herbert School students at Manhattan's leading media and communication companies, planting the seeds of their own future success.

The time is now. The opportunity is here. I hope you will join us.

Mark Lukasiewicz, Dean
The Lawrence Herbert School of Communication