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edTPA Student Support and Preparation

edTPA (Teacher Performance Assessment) is a portfolio assessment system that is intended to measure readiness for a teacher preparation candidate to teach.  New York State signed on to ensure that new teachers have skills and dispositions necessary to hold their first teaching position.

New York state, unlike most others (except Washington state), adopted edTPA as a requirement for initial teacher certification, where students must receive passing scores on edTPA in order to be licensed.  As a result, the assessment has become a high-stakes test.

During student teaching experiences, students must build an edTPA portfolio that demonstrates the ability to plan effectively, teach a 3-5 lesson sequence, and assess instruction and learning results in order to guide future teaching. As part of this portfolio, video clips of the lessons taught must be included as evidence of comptenence. Scoring of edTPA portfolios is done by teachers, school administrators, and college faculty who are trained to analyze the portfolio through the use of evaluation rubrics. According to the New York State Education Department, educators from around the state determined passing cut scores for edTPA portfolios.

The School of Education's aggregate passing score on the edTPA portfolio assessment has consistently surpassed the statewide average of 81% with over 50% of the Hofstra passing scores achieving mastery status.

The School of Education has systematically made changes in course work and field placement procedures to align syllabi and practice with edTPA requirements as well as providing extensive professional development for professors, instructors and field supervisors. Students are provided as much assistance as is allowed, including a faull-day edTPA orientation session prior to the beginning of student teaching, two portfolio days during student teaching, and unlimited access to course professors and field supervisors each semester. Throughout the process of student teachers developing their edTPA portfolios, Associate Dean Stephen J. Hernandez serves as edTPA Coordinator and Associate Dean John Lewis provides administrative and field placement coordination.


Are you moving to New York from out of state?

New York State Education Department is requiring that certified teachers from other states receive passing scores on edTPA in order to receive a NYS teaching certification.  A short field placement as well as edTPA portfolio support will be needed by an out-of-state teacher seeking to transfer licensure, in addition to the successful completion of current state teaching seminars and certification exams.  Hofstra University’s School of Education can provide the support needed for qualified teaching candidates to work toward this goal.  For more information about eligibility requirements and registration, please contact:

John R. Lewis
Associate Dean of External Relations and Field Placement
School of Education
Phone: 516-463-5389

Erica Applebaum
Assistant Director
Graduate School of Education Recruitment
Phone: 516-463-4885