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Field Placement Contact

Message from the Associate Dean for External Relations and Field Placement

I would like to take this time to welcome you to the Office of Field Placement. Field placement represents an essential and invaluable component of the professional development process for all candidates in the School of Education. The field hours required by specific classes enable students to gain valuable insight and implement their studies in their teaching areas. We strive to offer a wide variety of opportunities for professional candidates in teacher education.

The Office of Field Placement is responsible for accepting and evaluating requests for field observations, clinical experiences, and student teaching. We collaborate with local schools to find placements and provide continuous communication, assessment, and feedback during the process. We believe that students will be better prepared for their professional careers by being involved in field experiences that expose them to a variety of cultures, economic backgrounds, and diverse settings. This will foster professional growth that will positively affect their abilities to become consummate educators.

On behalf of the staff of the Office of Field Placement, I want to emphasize the critical role that the student plays in the field placement process. Communication and coordination is essential among all those involved, including the student. All students must be aware of the fact that the placement process can be time consuming and that it is essential to meet all deadlines in preparing for placements as well as in all school settings. We do our best to provide the placement option that is best matched to the student in a high-quality approved site. It is important that students realize that the placement process involves accommodating and coordinating with the policies and regulations of cooperating schools, and that they must be flexible. Students must provide their own transportation to placement sites.

The Office of Field Placement prides itself on courteous and compassionate service, and the staff works diligently to meet the individual needs of each student to the greatest extent possible. I hope that you will take the time to explore our site to learn more about the purpose and process of field placement. University supervisors and cooperating mentors will also find the website useful. It contains polices, timelines, and frequently used, essential document and forms -- organized specifically for each professional involved in supporting School of Education students as they gain experience in the field component of their degree requirements. Thank you and I wish you the best during this exciting time in your professional career.

John R. Lewis
Associate Dean for External Relations and Field Placement
School of Education
Hofstra University

John Lewis